New LiteOn 451s locking up?

Ok, I just bought a new Lite On 451s DVD writer from New Egg. The first thing I tried to do was the firmware upgrade to GSB7, but as soon as it initializes…my computer locks up. Same thing when I goto backup data onto a DVD through Nero 6. As soon as it starts to write…the computer locks up???

However I can play DVD movies just fine.

I have not installed any of the software bundled with the drive except Power DVD to play the movies…

I have an oldie so here is my computer specs:

Windows XP SP1
K7M Via Chipset Slot A @ 704 Mhz
384 MB of Ram
Primary IDE : Master- Maxtor 40G HD
Slave- Maxtor 80G HD

Secondary IDE: Master- Lite On LDW-451S DVDRW
Slave- TDK CD-RW

4 in 1 chipset installed
Nero 6 installed
INCD installed
ATI All in Wonder Pro Radeon 7200 AGP Video Card

Sounds like InCD might be locking up your drive.
I recommend uninstalling InCD and any other packer writing software(s)!

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