New LiteOn 451s locking up?

Ok, I just bought a new Lite On 451s DVD writer from New Egg. The first thing I tried to do was the firmware upgrade to GSB7, but as soon as it initializes…my computer locks up. Same thing when I goto backup data onto a DVD through Nero 6. As soon as it starts to write…the computer locks up???

However I can play DVD movies just fine.

I have not installed any of the software bundled with the drive except Power DVD to play the movies…

I have an oldie so here is my computer specs:

Windows XP SP1
K7M Via Chipset Slot A @ 704 Mhz
384 MB of Ram
Primary IDE : Master- Maxtor 40G HD
Slave- Maxtor 80G HD

Secondary IDE: Master- Lite On LDW-451S DVDRW
Slave- TDK CD-RW

4 in 1 chipset installed
Nero 6 installed
INCD installed
ATI All in Wonder Pro Radeon 7200 AGP Video Card

Hi. 4in1 is the Via drivers correct? If so, does that include IDE drivers too? I know nForce IDE drivers cause many problems. May be the drivers are causing some problems. Try using the Windows default drivers. I hope this helps.


To add to the previous comment (which is what I’d suggest first - switch to Microsoft IDE drivers), I’d uninstall InCD whilst you’re having problems, and make sure you’re using Nero and not any earlier version of Nero 6. If necessary, download Nero from the Nero web site.

When you get things working, only reinstall the latest version of InCD if you want it (currently this is, though 4.2 has been announced as coming).

If you’re still having problems, then, if you can, post a Nero log from a failed burn (minus the name and serial number at the top). However, that’s not possible if the computer is locking up!


Yes, they are the latest Via IDE drivers…

I will try the default drivers…