New LiteOn 165P6S so slow, help

Hi all

Just bought a new LiteOn 165P6S to replace my Benq1640, but I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake. Hoping for a few pointers from you experts. I flashed it to MSOP BTW.

Fristly, the drive is so increadibly slow at reading DVD-ROM and verifying DVD-R, I feel like pulling my hair out, is there any way to speed it up by flashing a hacked firmware or I heard there was some technology built into the drive that feeds data to programs as fast as they request it, would turning that off help?

Secondly, can the read quality be improved? Just put a ROM in the drive and after a short while trying to read it, it decided there was no disc. Put the same ROM in the Benq and it read and decrypted it without problem.

in this thread:

The first post links to 2 firmwares. I have applied the official MSOP one.

What does the term flashfixed mean?

Does the codeguys version differ from the official firmware?

BTW: no problems with DMA etc. I’m sure the drive is installed correctly.

Oh, and what’s the issue I hear with lead ins? Thought it took a long time on that.

Oh and why is it that no matter how much research I do I never find out about all the problems with hardware until after I have bought it?



Hoping you can help

tgbyhn10, the 165P6S is an excellent drive. I get better burn results with most media now in the LiteOn then I get in my BenQ 1650.

Any stock firmware on my site is identical to the official firmware. Flashfix means the firmware is not locked to a particular model (first letter of the firmware).

The test firmware MV9N has the riplock removed and MS0P doesn’t but your problem sounds like more than just the riplock.

Try deleting the IDE driver for the channel the drive is connected to (usually the secondary) and then reboot.

If that doesn’t help, post a Nero Infotool report with all options enabled.

@C0deKing, do you plan do make the omnipatcher work with the 6 serie? I really like the stock firmware as it works very fine with the media I use, but I would hope to remove the riplock.
Right now it is not really an issue as I have enough drive for ripping, but …

[OT] bichonn, to be honest I don’t know. It was really code65536’s tool. I did the patches and he wrote the code. It’s made more complex because it’s written in Perl and this is a language I hadn’t used until code65536 introduced me to it. I can make minor changes without too much trouble but it would take a considerable amount of time for me to get up to speed to make any major changes. I have a C tool that I use for all of my FB patches - perhaps I’ll update this one day to do 5S/6S read speed patching.

I get the opposite. My BenQ 1640 fails to read discs that the LiteOn accepts with no problem.

I think I prefer the LiteOn to the BenQ; it’s a versatile burner.


how about making a FW without riplock (dot). You could call it PSOAF(ast) for example? A firmware we would use without patching tool.

I hope you are right. I’d settle for slower verification if I get better burns

Is MV9N based on MSOP? Is it widely used? Are there any reasons why I should avoid it? Can I flash back to stock firmware it all goes wrong?

Will try this tomorrow, didn’t get time today.

Legs2sag, I have experienced this myself, sometimes the benq reads disks my other drives wouldn’t and vise versa, think it pays to have more than one drive. My 1640 has been quite a good drive and it is good at high speed ripping until there’s a spec of dust or a scratch on the disc and then it’s had it; think it’s too fusy. Don’t like the fact that everyone raves about it but they also say you have to use top discs with it. Don’t like the fact it crashes and burns when performing transfer rate tests on media it’s burnt yet quality scans are perfect - something dodgy about that. Don’t like the fact that people point to quality scans performed on the same drive that burnt it and rave about the quality. It can only be a measure of how well that drive reads the disc it created and without a shadow of a doubt, the drive will have been calibrated to read discs it burns well. Don’t like the fact that my Sony DVD-ROM, always a good tester for how well discs would play back on stand alones, hated the discs the 1640 burnt. The drives over rated in my opinion and I’ll never trust it.



MS0P is an earlier version and yes MV9N is widely used. It’s firmware released directly from LiteOn R & D, so it has all of the latest “improvements” (well most times ;)). MV96 and MV9N (HT v5.03) are well tested and perform very well IMO.