New LiteOn 1653S firmware: CSTR

Ricoh RICOHJPNR02, 8x branded, burned at 8x, CSTR

I like this one :slight_smile:

Very good burn @ 16X Pulsee !!!
Looks like Liteon is back to business!!!

Thanks Bichonn

Now I Gunna Try And Beat C0deKing Last Scan That He Posted.

I Haven’t Any Ricoh RICOHJPNR02 So I’ll Try With A Verbatim MCC 003.

Here Goes:

Manufacturer: : Verbatim
MID : MCC 003 (000)

Burn Speed : 8x
Burn Time : 8:14

Looks like CS0P was doing as well with Rocoh JPN R02:

That is sooo nice :). Reminds me of the days when my 451S@851S could burn RICOHJPNR01 like that :wink:

Thanks C0deKing

I Don’t Think, I’ll Ever Be Able To Beat Bichonn’s MCC 003 Scan.

That He Burnt On His SOHW-1693S KS0A & Scanned On His SOHW-1653S.


My daughter is currently burning about 30 dvd’s containing jpeg files, 3.58 gb. She bought for this project 50 Hyundai dvd’s, which turned out to be fake Taiyo Yuden. But after reset learnt media (every burn) the results are not too bad with CS0P. It seemed to me a good opportunity to try out CSTR. And it does look promising…
First scan CS0P, burned at 6x.
Second scan CSTR, also burned at 6x.

:slight_smile: Leo

Too much honor :cool:

Tried a Verbatim DVD-R 8x, Made in India.

Scanned with LiteOn 1653 and Benq 1640.

Good result, I guess.


Very Nice Burn Especially Since The Benq Is Usually So Critical Of Anything
Lite-On Produces In Terms Of Burn Quality Scans.

Might Have To Try One Verbatim MCC 02RG20 On The Old 1653S.

And Scan It Thru A Benq, Will Post Result Back Soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Benq is very critical when scan LiteOn-burns, especially DVD-R

Manufacturer: : Verbatim
MID : MCC 02RG20

Burn Speed : 8x
Burn Time : 9:00

Pretty. I guess your Verbatim are Made in Taiwan?

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Wow, a score of 97 in a Benq-scan :eek:

I can´t believe it

The (new… :a ) platinum plus… :Z

The (new… :clap: ) platinum minus.

This was my last package platinum plus.
It was always the top (RICOHJPNR02).
I cant understand why they changed …
I will never ever buy platinum plus.

not so :clap:

Is it better with this fw?

Really? It´s all abiout the money