New LiteOn 1653S Firmware: CS0G

Hello everyone,I’m a chinese player,and my English is so poor. T_T
Please don’t laugh at me…

I found a new firmware for 1653s version CS0G from my friend’s new 1653.

Version: H:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S CS0G 2005/02/04 13:12

I have failed to upload file on CDFreaks.

Please contact me , I’ll send file to you.

Official Lite-On link:

Someone reply teach me how to upload files Please…

Go into advanced options and choose manage attatchments. Save as zip first before uploading.

CS0G hmmm wonder if its better then the polish liteon sites CSTJ because TJ has made the best burns I have ever done on my 1633@1653

I think CS0G is an older version than CSTJ but it don’t hurt to see what this one is capable of

I agree, I hate to trash liteon but their drives do seem to fall short of what they say in the specs a lot of times. And any firmware help is welcomed

Thanks Krooval. Please check your PMs.

Sorry but this won’t work as the file size will exceed the maximum attachment size of 97.7KB.

Good point code - I thought filesize limits where for pics only LOL

I would like to see a compare with CSTJ vs CS0G maybe he can email it to code

I’ve asked him to send it and as soon as he does, I will put it on my site. :slight_smile:

Congrats on a 1000 posts KenW! :slight_smile:

File size out to upload on cdfreaks.

I have uploaded to my Server.

Download it , Test it , Mod it , Enjoy it !

This is snapshot

Couldn’t resist a play before bed :slight_smile:
CS0G YUDEN T02[Fuji]@8x. The drop off in transfer was due to 14% jitter at end according to my BenQ Scan - a 13x read was fine.

1633@1653 eeprom reset
CS0G TYG02[Fuji]@8x DVD-R time 9:06
CS0G YUDEN000 T02 [Fuji]@8x DVD+R time 8:18

BenQ 1620 scan

Well it don’t like my RITEKG05 past 3.75 GB :confused:
Didn’t bother with a transfer test on this one

A flasher version of CS0G is now posted on my site. Thanks Krooval :slight_smile:

CS0G is dated 2005/02/04 and CSTJ is dated the 2005/02/15. I don’t know how many media codes it has as OP and MCSE can’t find all of the tables.

Also because of time restrictions today, I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s good to see that it seems to be working ok, well, except for RITEKG05…

1633@1653 eeprom reset
CS0G TYG02[Fuji]@8x DVD-R time 9:06
CS0G YUDEN000 T02 [Fuji]@8x DVD+R time 8:18

LiteOn 1653 scan

pioneer A08XL Transfer rate tests

Last one and I’m deffo off to bed ( 3.22 am here )
Fuji branded RICOHJPN R02-03@8x CS0G. I can only assume jitter gotta hold of this one but its too late to scan in BenQ :slight_smile:


I put the new csog in my hex editor and it has the same boot code date as main fw 2005-2-4 but the cstj has the csoc boot code date and fw date is 2005-2-15 my thought is that maybe the cstj is based on cs0c base code and that cs0g is newer code base.

I think CS0G FW is a newer official version but without release.

U know Lite-on’s FW Upgrade Site always slow…

My friend who got CS0G is living in Guangdong. It’s near in Taiwan.

SONYD11@8x CS0G. The liteon does seem to suffer from high jitter near the end of the recordings but still +R is working better than i remember.

EDIT: added Philips scan - Jitter is not as bad as I thought it would be but 14,1 % is still a little high for an 8x burn I feel.