My first two drives were a 451s and then an 832s.
I’ve been away from LiteOn now for a year and a half,
so I’m out of touch as to what tools, etc. I should have
to tweak the fw, etc. with the new generation of
LiteOn drives.
I’ve ordered a SHW-160P6S that will arive in
a few days.
I guess my question is, which, if any of the old
tweaking tools still work with the new drives?
I understand OmniPatcher won’t work.
What about the EEPROM utility?
And also the tool for fw backup and restore?

I love the test FW of wind and COdeKing as far as tools see EEPROM util will save and restore FW and also clean EEPROM,Smartburn will do similar and also enable overspeed burning.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded all of the above.
Is PV9NWINHT503 the correct test fw for this drive?
Also, does LtnFW work with this drive?

Make sure to use SmartBurn v3.1.16t (Test Version) (see here) in combination with the latest (test or official) firmwares.

There’s a new tool by C0deKing for firmware backup/flashing: Flash Utility.

Thanks. I now have all the files, but the test fw
download site does not say which fw is for which
drive. I’m guessing that PV9N is for my drive,
and downloaded it, but did I guess right? :slight_smile:

Sure, go up in that thread and you’ll see that PV** series is for the 160P6S. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :o

Can you enable OverSpeed with stock fw or
do you need the test fw?

Both, now with release PSOB (stock)