New Lite-On No 4x Option?


I have recently purchased one of the newer Lite-On Models (SOHW 1693S)
And it doesn’t seem to have an option for burning at 4x. Have they done away
with 4x? I just don’t feel comfortable burning at 6x. I’ve burned a couple at 6x
without any noticable difference. But I was babysittin the burner the whole time (absolutley nothing going in backround). But I’ve burned at 4x when I multi-task. Any input would be greatly appreciated

What media are you using? 8x media should be able to be burned at 8x. 16x at 16x, or at least very close to it. If not, you need to upgrade your firmware, or buy better media. There is no reason to burn at 4x, unless your media is only rated for 4x.


Please don’t fall for the “Burn slower for better quality” line. It’s rarely true & then really only with poor media.