New lite-on LTR-24102B firmware to fix compatibility issues

I just posted the article New lite-on LTR-24102B firmware to fix compatibility issues..

Lite-On is has also noticed the problem as we described in yesterdays posting, and has released a firmware that should solve the problem:

Solve the issue that part of CD-RW drives will always…

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Looks like there might be a problem with this frmware. It appears Liteonit has removed it from there website already.

Errr…nevermind. It’s still there. My IE was caching the old WWW. Blah!

Bad firmware (12102b) just found out DMA must be disabled, needed 4 or 5 hard resets to find out. Allways used DMA on for this drive, hope they fiks this with a new FW. On taiwan LT pages it’s gone on page its still there . Regards J.:frowning: