New Lite-ON firmware for the 811S and other older drives

I just posted the article New Lite-ON firmware for the 811S and other older drives.

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that there is some new firmwares out for those of us that  have an 811S and a few other drives of interest.        811S Version HS0R              ...
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Wow! I never thought I’d see another official firmware update on the 411s. Nice work Lite-On :slight_smile:

New F/W for 811S. Yay!

Great to see a new firmware for 811s, but how does one actually download the firmware from the link provided? I click the new firmware name and it just reloads the page. :r

I don’t know why mine did it, but using Mozilla it did the same thing. It worked fine with IE

I wish that Lite-On would do a firmware upgrade for my SHW-16H5S drives, one of which i only bought at the beggining of this year. They both have great difficulty reading -R, -RW and a lot of cd’s, even top quality ones made by verbitin etc. I have the latest firmware updates installed on them, but it is rediculous to see how much media is incompatible with them, especially in this day and age of technology…

Yeah, Right! All I found when I clicked the link was an “error, no such page found” mesage, at LiteOn’s site! Just when I thought I could download and install some new fw for my 811S… Go figure? ishi52 :c