New Lite-on drive being recognized as old lite-on drive



Hey…i just purchased a Lite-on IHAS422. My old drive was an SOHW-812 that i crossflashed with a SOHW-832 firmware…When i installed the 422, windows picked it up as the 832…I tried disabling the IDE in the BIOS and restarting and it picked it up…also did a scan for hardware changes, uninstall drivers, etc…I d/l the new firmware for the 422 and when i tried to flash it, it told me that it was the wrong firmware for the drive. The drive is working and reading discs which puzzles me cuz it has the wrong firmware on. Is there a way for me to remove the old firmware? I was always under the impression that the firmware was installed on the drive and not the computer…maybe im wrong.

thanks all