New Lite-on 52x can not burn anything

Just got a new Lite on 52x. The drive works because I used it to play video games. I can not burn from CD to CD via Nero or Windows Media Player OR using the drag and drop feature. I also can not burn from the HDD.

Nero only recognizes a Image CD. ( i did have clone cd and alcohol cd installed by have sense uninstalled them) (my other optical is a Samsung DVD drive.)

Keep in mind Nero recognizes the cd drives, but a box pops up in the beginning saying something about an image drive. Also when I try to burn it wants to save the tracks to the HDD as an image. (Im trying to burn AIFF files)

I have all mobo bois updates, nothing.

Updated the newest firmware for the litey, nothing.

Uninstalled Nero and reinstalled it, nothing.

Um… I think ive tried everything else. (except for reformatting C drive)

Thanks for any help.

All you need to do is update to the newest nero

it’s because your trying to use nero’s image drive to burn cd’s, you need to go to the menu>recorder>choose recorder then select the lite-on then it will work

thanks guys I got it. I had to use the CD that came with the drive. ah well. shoulda figured that out myself. :o

take care.

wow i cant beleave you said the new 52x cant burn anything hehe…

im glad you got it fixed but just a little info for you .

the liteons are considered the best burners in teh world.

PLEX SUCKS :smiley:


I love it so far… ripped a CD (700mb) in 2:30, pretty damn sweet.


Runs a lil loud at full speed, but I dont mind so much.