New Lite-On 48/12/48 writer will be available soon

I just posted the article New Lite-On 48/12/48 writer will be available soon….

PPK used our newssubmit to tell us that the latest Lite-On writer will be released soon. The Lite-On writers are known and loved for their abilities to copy certain copy-protections and this new…

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supports mt.rainier out of the box 2mb buffer 48X §-CAV

good to see that it supports the mt. rainier format

2mb buffer - bleh!

2 meg is no good, Plextor Scsi drives give you a nice generous 4mb, ahh well I guess its down too manufacturing costs :frowning: Mind you my Liton 32W has only 2 meg and its works a treat. I have noticed one thing when you do a copy on the fly, the buffer empties pretty damn quick and the buffer underrun technology Smart is used lots. I never get that with the Plextor x12x10x32a :8 I have AMD XP 2100+ processor would have thought that could cope, obviously not :frowning: Greetz from the Diplomat :8

I’m still excited about a possible firmware upgrade overclocking my 40x lite-on to a 48x lite-on. That’d be great

The weakness of this drive is the 2MB buffer. When drives developed at 40X+, the buffer is recommended to have 4MB at least and above for higher quality.

Dell has these puppies listed for USD$110.95. Couple that with a 10% discount and the automatic 50% off shipping they currently have, makes this a pretty decent deal, I think.

That item is currently out of stock. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but they still took my order!

I bought LiteOn 48/12/48 for $89.99 total! at this site it also has many great prices as well on other stuff! :4