New Linux Trojan makes screenshots and is able to record audio through microphone



We’ve just posted the following news: New Linux Trojan makes screenshots and is able to record audio through microphone[newsimage][/newsimage]

A newly discovered Trojan for Linux periodically makes screenshots and is able to record sound through a microphone when that’s connected. The malware is therefore different from most other Linux malware which is usually designed to attack Linux based servers.

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Oh well, just as I was to move into the rosy world (newly found expression posted by coolcolors [don’t they have thorns?]) of two of the earlier messages, I was drawn pack to reality in a snap.

Contrary to popular belief, Linux has quite some server installs worldwide and so this is a serious issue. I have already checked three, and (phew) no trace…
These installs reach far beyond corporate environments, all the way to governments.

The world can still praise itself lucky that they are few and far between so far. The alarm bells should start to chime though, we have to stay ahead…


@Xercus: Somehow I doubt we will stay ahead. If history has taught us anything, it’s that people don’t pay nearly enough attention to news or cyber security. Because of this, people will shout to the heavens “I have [insert OS here], so I’m immune to malware”, while the infections continue to take their toll.