New LightScribe User needing help?!

My first post…I have a new Samsung DVD Burner with Lightscribe, and I’ve installed the Nero suite of software but there is no sign of anything that mentions Lightscribe OTHER than on the software cd disc but there is no actual software to install…can anyone advise me on the following?

  1. What software do I need to use Lightscribe?

2, What if any drivers do I need?

The drive is fine, just at a loss on how to use this new facility!!!

Ian in Newcastle UK

Hi and Welcome!

I would recommend to start reading at There are excellent documents, especially for starters. Also, there are drivers and (basic) software available.


You should go to and get the latest drivers and enhancement software. If your Samsung, like mine, came with Nero ‘Lightscibe’ as a new document type should appear in Nero Cover Designer (NCD).

Many thanks to both of you for the tips - I’ve visited the Lightscribe site and downloaded a trail version of Accoustica plus some additional art packs.

I still can’t understand why the CD that came with the Samsung hardware lists “lightscribe” on the disc itself but I can’t find that piece of software aywhere on the disc…

Anyway thanks very much…I’ll start reading!!!

Ian in Newcastle UK