New Lightscribe ELCU - CDs and DVDs



I emailed lightscribe support about installing the Extended Label Contrast Utility over the recent nero update to lightscribe v1.4.89.1.This is the reply:

Thank you for your request for help.
Website maintenance schedules sometime hinder coordination efforts between the new LSS versions released by other supporting sites and our release of the ELCU. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Extended Label Contrast Utility to be released in June is expected to also
support CD’s.

I have attached a copy of the “ELCU_UPDate_1.4.97.1”, not yet released."

Follow the instructions on the lightscribe ELCU page to install.

When they get the web page updated that’s the one you will have. The file is greater than the 2 mb attachment limit so I put it on my web space at :

I have installed it with no problems, haven’t tried it yet. The install says this one works with CD’s too.


We’ll see how it does. I had a CD I had previously scribed and I am runing it through again with the utility turned on. It says 37 minutes for the scribe time.


interesting they only updated to yesterday


ECLU appears to be non-functional you can not select, apply or reset :frowning:


yup, same prob here. both buttons grayed out.


The downloaded install program will unpack a folder onto your desktop named “LightScribe ELCU” which will contain the utility program. After it is installed open the folder using the shortcut that was installed on the desktop. Then click on and run the file named “ExtendedLabelContrastUtility.exe” to start the utility. For whatever reason it takes you through the licensing page again each time you start the utility.
It works for me and I installed it over the last nero lightscribe update,


usually you need to have the same version lightscribe host software already installed before the ELCU will work, install it myself and see what happens.

update:- no its not working, the reason is as explained above


what version LS HSI have you got installed?


I’m not sure what HSI is but the Nero Cover Designer is and the Lightscribe driver version is, from nero. The only lightscribe drivers came from the Nero Express OEM install and that has been updated to This is on a DW1625 with BBIA firmware.


Ok - I googled it and found what you are refering to.

LS_HSI.msi Version Installer,MSI,Database


Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve just downloaded both, installed & run with no problems whatsoever. CDs DVDs all work fine.

BTW LS HSI.exe from Nero (6 & 7 the same)here.
Version install then update. Nero always is one step behind (guess it’s a Nero folk testing thing).


thanks zebadee. went back and found could not launch the LS HSI installer, something about administrator set policies, deleted the relevant registry key reinstalled with the new ELCU and its working


This lightscribe thing has me confused!! i have version where is this 50, when you go to lightscribe or nero to check for new download there is no version numbers on the download. how do you tell if it is an update or the one you already have?


relax the 50 is hp’s numbering, basically its


I have already voiced my opinion about this Lightscribe confusion in a previous thread.

One hand has no idea what the other hand is doing. Nero, Surething, and HP are all on different pages.

I was able to get the new Lightscribe ELCU without issues this time.

When Nero LightScribe Host Software Update v1.4.89.1 was released, I was already running Nero LightScribe Host Software v1.4.74.1 and Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility v1.4.84.1.

I disabled Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility v1.4.84.1 with the [B]Reset[/B] option. Next I upgraded from Nero LightScribe Host Software v1.4.74.1 to Nero LightScribe Host Software Update v1.4.89.1. then I enabled the Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility v1.4.84.1 with the [B]Apply[/B] option.

Now with the New Lightscribe ELCU, I simply disabled the previous ELCU and enabled the new ELCU


Ok i’m relaxed, but that still doesn’t answer my question!!!
how do you tell what version you are about to download??
It just says update and download here, no version number, can’t tell if it’s the same one i have or not>
Not just this time but everytime.


download it to a folder before you install. the file you download should have the version number in the filename. you don’t have to install it right from the website.

in fact, installing things from websites is a bad habit to get into. at least if you dl the install file to the desktop or something first you can scan it for viruses.


download from tells you, also it has been mentioned if you look in the properties of the installer, it tells you


Thanks Nemesys I forgot to disable first :smiley:


Could an assist here. So I just picked up a DW1655. I have Nero 6 installed on the machine plus all the Nero add on packages. What is the best combination of LS Host Software and ELCU Software levels? Will the most current Nero version work with the ELCU on the Lightscribe site? Will Nero labeling work with the Universal level on the Lightscribe site. I think as someone posted it earlier, there should be one source that keeps everyone on the same page. I appreciate and guidance you may have on which is the best level to run with what :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Jay S.