New LG reads but won't burn

I recently got an LG GH 20LP20 and installed it. I needed it to load some audio software that required a dual layer drive. It read fine and all went well. Just yesterday I finally had an occasion to use the burner. No go. Not with any of several software packages (including the one that came with the drive). I uninstalled it from the system, rebooted and let Windows (XP) reinstall the drivers. The device manager says all his hunky dory. But still…errors on all burns. Data, audio, DVD, CD, etc. I haven’t been able to locate any firmware updates or new drivers. Anyone know anything about this drive?

Why do you think a firmware magically could fix this issue??

Use good media like Verbatim and try a burn, then post a logfile or scan here.

What app are you trying to burn with?