New LG MP3 player boasts 8GB HDD, 30 hours battery life



I just posted the article New LG MP3 player boasts 8GB HDD, 30 hours battery life.

No pricing or availability yet, but LG has posted up on their product page, the Model MFJM53 8 GB HDD MP3 player. This product sports a 1.77 inch OLED display with 206k…

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Looks like an iaudio clon :frowning:


I wouldn’t say so, the only part that resembles the iaudio is buttons on the side. However lots and lots of manufacturers use buttons on the side of the player so you can’t say it’s an iaudio clone. Creative Extra had buttons on side, so does that make iaudio creative clone? In any case, it looks stylish, oled screen and good battery life. Seems good to me.


Why don’t they put SD slots on these things? 8GB is fine, but an SD slot would be very handy as well… as a photo viewer or to have movies, for example, that you don’t want to load onto the device, for example. How much will this cost?


It may not cost a lot, but one not many consumers may be willing to pay extra for something they don’t really need (how many ppl want to watch a photo on a small screen and how many just want to listen to music?). And two this will increase the size of the player. The size increase may not be that big if it’s a full size player, however it is going to be substantial if the player is already as small as it can be. Imagine how much bigger iPod nano would be if it housed sd card reader.


agree, a memory card support would be a big plus.


If it doesn’t use standard AA or AAA batteries, it simply isn’t worth it to me.


I refered to the overall look. For me it’s much like an iAudio X5, but well, if it’s not too expensive I won’t throw it away :stuck_out_tongue: 8GB and 30 hours of playback? That’s too much for me :smiley:


I forgot to mention, that newest iAudio models allow to connect your digital photo camera to them and transfer your pictures to it, if you wanted to gain some space on your mmc/sd/cf… card :wink: