New LG GH24NSB0 Flash Hangs 0%


I bought a GH24NSB0 but didn’t get around to installing it for quite some time.
When I did put it in the computer and try to install Linux, I had disc read issues, so I burned another disc, which didn’t help. I was burning on a new LG WH16NS40 in a different machine.

I looked and it has LF00 firmware and a newer one was available from LG, LN01. When I try to flash the newer firmware, it hangs at 0%. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, and I swapped cables, ports, and drivers. The motherboard is a Z77 Extreme 4 with ASMedia & Intel controllers. Antivirus is off and I am running it as administrator. The drive was not used from the time it was bought to the time I tried to flash it after having read problems, so it’s possible it’s defective.

I’m pretty familiar with flashing and have cross flashed since the days when we got 2x more speed out of CD burners. I don’t think I’m overlooking anything and if I am, it’ll be a well duh moment! I can’t find an alternative firmware or flash method, all of the links are outdated. The only flash fail I have is from the LG website and it hangs every time.

Does anyone know of any other available firmware?

Thank you.

Maybe the LN01 is for a different hardware-revison of the B0. My B0 had LM00 and I could update to LM01.

Which media do you use?

Ever tried an error-scan with the burned media? You can do it with Opti Drive Control


The SVC Code is NSDA and it’s dated May 27, 2017. The media is a old box of TDK and something else, I forgot, but I haven’t had any problem reading them in even the oldest worst drives I have. I did know the actual manufacturer and it was said to be a decent DVD. The GH24NSB0 is the only drive giving me trouble and I think it’s defective since it won’t flash.

What I really need a a copy of something before the LN01 but LG removes old versions. I don’t have any other option but to trash it if it won’t flash. I can’t have a picky or unreliable drive.

Is LN01 newer than LF00? I assume N comes after F but I’m finding LN00 in 2013 drives and 2014 drives with LN01 on the label. Maybe it isn’t flashing because it’s not newer but I don’t know how they name them if N isn’t newer than F.