New LG DVD writers to support 8x DVD+R DL and LightScribe

I just posted the article New LG DVD writers to support 8x DVD+R DL and LightScribe.

 LG  has announced two new DVD writers with quite impressive specs at CeBIT, the internal GSA-4165B  (E-IDE) and the external GSA-5165D (USB 2.0 and IEEE1394). Compared to the  current...
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Just give us the Blu-Ray burners already. We all have DVD Burners and are not going to fork over $$$ for one or two extras.

Lol @supremecheddar :B I hope I don’t buy a Blu-ray or hd-dvd burner and then 2 months later, they release one with LightScribe technology

I wouldn’t mind upgrading my dvd burner at some point. I’m still stuck with a 4x LG burner I bought in summer 2004. It still works great, and DL media is expensive, so I haven’t brought myself to replace it yet. I figured I would wait at least until dvd-r DL support got decent. maybe i’ll get this one, or maybe i’ll keep burning discs at 4x.

[B] Yippie… there it is. Finally LG has realized what ive been waiting for some weeks now. Except a quicker RAM Write Speed (I guess RAM is not that easy to increase in Speed cause of the physical Restrictions of the Media and also the Verify Func. done by the Writer) it has all what i ve been looking for. The LightScribe i am not sure of how usefull it will be. [/B]

Yeah, my most wanted drive. DVD-RAM, DVD-R DL and 48x CD-R. Wow :slight_smile:

So does “available in April” mean early April or late April? I’m thinking about buiying a 1463B, but I’m tempted to wait until the 1465B comes out. Also, now that the 1465B has been announced, can we expect to see a price-cut in the 1463B, or do we have to wait until ‘April’ for that to happen as well?

Nuts - just bought 3 1463B last week!

I wonder if the internal are the same as the 4163B? If so I wonder if a firmware upgrade would be possible across models?