New lg dvd burner

hi guys,
this is my first post.
i had the h62n but my controller sata don’t work and now i have to purchase a new burner whit eide connectio.
why lg?
because a friend of mine sell only lg.
what’s the best lg dvd burner whit eide connection?what model do you advise me?

The [B]H42N[/B] is the same as the H62N except for the interface. I have both and they burn fine for me.

whit dvd-video the performance of the h42n as the same as the h62n?
what do you think about the h55?
it’s better or worse than h42n?

I don’t have a H55N/L sorry.

burn 16X or lower speed H55 is much lower jitter
writing quality are almost same may little better H42 ( 16X or lower speed )


the last thing,
the h42n there isn’t in stock.
between h55n and h54l, i don’t know which one to choose.
what do you advise me?
i usually burn verbatim sl and fortis dl.

I read the other day the H55N/L and the H54N/L can be crossflashed (same hardware). Of course with having the “N” version you will not achieve LS when crossflashing to “L”.

What is fortis dl? What is the MID?

I cannot read Italian so what does my friend Geno say in your other thread?

fortis dl mean "DVD FORTIS DUAL LAYER"
fortis is a brand like verbatim, princo etc
i thought that fortis was an international brand…maybe it’s only Italian…i don’t know :smiley:
Geno advise me to avoid Lg.
he said that 112d is one of the best with dvd dl and it’s better than lg so he advise me the 112d.

I kind of read that in your other thread. I can pick a few words out here and there :slight_smile:

Geno would know what is there in Italy. I would go with Verbatim Made in Singapore +R DL though if possible.

I don’t have a Pioneer either so no help again sorry :doh:

ok don’t worry.
finally, the h55 is the same as the h54?

i’m so sorry for my bad English.

Best thing…just try one. If it doesn’t work like you want then go buy a different one.

i’m new here so can anybody help me with something?
my boy just bought a new nec ad7173s dvd burner but the windows xp won’t work when it is pluged in. but with vista it is working perfect