New LG 4167B firmware: DL13

Dl it from here

thanks for the info

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Improvement Point
  - addtion of DVD?R media codes
    --> DVD+R: SONY 16x, Prodisc(R04) 16x, Optodic 8x, AML 4x
    --> DVD-R: SONY 16x, TDK 8x, MBI 16x, Prodisc 16x, Must 8x, DVSN 4x
    --> DVD-RW: OPTODISC 6x, PRINCO 4x, 
  - Improvement of DVD?DL writing quality
  - Improvement of CD-R Audio playability at some CD players

Cool. Im glad theyve got that cd-r audio bug fixed.


Jeesh, does this really exist?? :Z

I can now burn my Optodiscs at last :clap:
And a nice result to :smiley:


Nice result :iagree:

Not really sure what they mean. MCSE reports only 4 new MIDS :

4 new media codes total in DL13 -

2 new DVD-R media codes :

Dvsn A001   -  [     2x, 4x                   ]
MBI 01RG40  -  [         4x,     8x, 12x, 16x ]

2 new DVD-RW media codes :

OPTODISCW006-  [     2x, 4x, 6x               ]
PRINCORW0004-  [     2x, 4x                   ]

On the other hand, I recall people have problems burning TDK 8x DVD-R (TTG02) with DL12. Maybe those media codes were not implemented properly in DL12 even though they seem to be there according to MCSE?

Sorry, I don’t know. I only take this changelog from LG site :frowning:

Hey, don’t worry. I wasn’t asking you, or anybody in particular. I was just thinking out loud. No answer required :slight_smile:

Sweet! Any improvement no matter how small is always welcome.
I’ll need to load this firmware now. :slight_smile:

Ritekr04 burned at 12x.
Very bad results, possibly very poor media…
Circular rings are very apparent on the dye side of the disc.
Looks like the dye might have been uneven or too thinly applied on this disc.

PRODISCS05 @ 16x

Make a scan @4X instead of max speed.
Could make a very big difference.

Thanks LG, coastering of Plasmon CD-R media @ 48x is now fixed. The new DL13 results are my best ever for this media for C1 rate and jitter. The big spike at 29 min is some type of mfg defect as 6 burns on 6 different drives have their peak spike at that point.

I don’t know what’s up about that change log note of new 16x support for Prodisc R04 as I have 16x CD-Speed burns done in 5:30 with DL12, and also with the newer Prodisc R05 discs. Regardless of the accuracy of their notes, they definitely do seem to be listening to our mfg suggestion thread and even fixing more obscure media issues like mine above which I posted there.

Wow, just did some more digging and that is actually my lowest ever recorded jitter average for a 48x burn. My only recording with a lower jitter average was Verbatim CD-RW recorded at 4x on a 4163B A104, which was 6.98%. Impressive LG, this isn’t exactly TY media :wink:

Cursor branded GSC003, now burns at 6x when set at 8x instead of 4x with DL12. 4163B burns these discs the same way (6x when set at 8x), but these discs seem to be hit and miss. Either they burn with about 1500 total PIF’s or very low, in the 50-250 range. Either is nice quality, I just wish it would hit the low range all of the time.

My DW1655 when running BCAB would provide that ideal quality range (qs of 98) while burning at a full 8x. Hopefully LG will someday finally be able to do that with this media.

Fujifilm brand YUDEN000T02, Z-CLV up to 12x and then dropped back to 8x.