New legislation signed in California aims to cut P2P piracy

I just posted the article New legislation signed in California aims to cut P2P piracy.

                         On Tuesday, Gov. Arnold  Schwarzenegger had signed legislation in California that requires residents that  wishes to distribute commercial music or video to more than 10...
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How do you share an email? Enter :slight_smile:

Just thought of that myself. :stuck_out_tongue: If P2P software adds this feature, I wonder how many innocent people fall victim of receiving threatening E-mails from the entertainment industry for copyrigtht infringment should others enter made up E-mail addresses with some turning out to be valid E-mail accounts. :r

:d Its basicly saying California doesn’t want to spend the money to chase people, so they’re trying to make people simply admit who they are while they’re doing it. Does distributing 10 copies mean for all eternity?? This doesn’t seem like it would work very well as the number of people passing on to 10 people will be like a pyramid scheme, TONS of people will have it!! Plus, I don’t think I’ve never give more than 10 copies of anything out ever even when it WAS “legal” :g

guss i wont be downloading any terminator movies for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm…does the legislation mean 10 people total? Or 10 people simultanelously? Then again, it doesn’t matter does it, all of us knowing damn well the state signed this because the state needs money. :r

If I’m not mistaken where you filled in your user details in KaZaA there was space for an email address, of course only a yoghurt would put in the real deal…

And this S@IT was allowed to pass and become law??? Are people AWAKE in California or has the sun given them sunstroke? Apart from the fact that it’s a completely impractical law, why is it that people Stateside don’t appear to have control over their lawmakers? Yeesh!

Because lobbies can pay politicians there in USA…it’s a very bad thing. Luckily here in Europe such things can’t be done.

If an E-mail address is only required for delivery of audio/video content to 10 or more users, then I’m sure that there will be variations of P2P software designed for use in California where the user has two options: 1 - Enter their E-mail address for sharing without any limitations. 2 - Leave the field blank and the software will automatically prevent a file from being shared once it has been delivered 9 times. :stuck_out_tongue:

So let me get this right. There are hundreds of California bands with web sites that have demo songs and demo CDs they distribute to get work. So if they record any covers and put them on their web sites for people to listen to or if they send out demos without paying royalties they are potentialy criminals? It sounds to me like another effort to take care of the artists - haa haa! What a farce!
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so whats the email address of your local congressman!!!:d :slight_smile: Thats my email address Arnie, come on and track me down :slight_smile:

Arnold COULD … say " you pirates, you rob stars and the movie people. you’re all just digital gurleymen" STFU arnold.

Here’s my email :d

Unless you live in CA, I doubt your local congressman cares, to be honest…

Oh, and here’s my email or