New legislation makes open-source software illegal?

I just posted the article New legislation makes open-source software illegal?.

Forget about Bill Gates, folks. The biggest enemy of free software may be Senator Ernest F. Hollings On this statement from businessweek we agree. A legislation introduced in March of this year by…

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And he has got this passed in the US? Thank god I live in England.

well…should it ever happen, we just don’t buy the shit. It’s that simple. Companies that implement things like this just don’t get our Money. And that’s why it’ll never happen.

Remeber the DiVX DVD Player via Circuit City? Nuff Said… Anyways, Hollywood are blood sucking whores. :4

this sounds similar to the region protection for dvds (protection on the hardware side as well as the software one), and it didn’t work, because all drives and decoder cards have been cracked by now. so also the new protections will be cracked either.

Politician like this guy must have received lots of money from Hollywood. Normally a person wouldn’t be so much interested about protection in South Carolina… a place where tech isn’t as strong as Cali or New York.

Hi guyz Very interesting this ain’t it? Won’t work though - never did on any other hardware so I can’t see it happening to a large extent. Hardware manufacturers in the middle east aren’t going to listen to these pillocks and and lose sales on hardware nobody wants. A CD-R or CD-RW or whatever with protection built into it? I don’t think so. Folk buy these to rip stuff off most of the time so sales will drop dramatically. Rather defeating the whole shooting match isn’t it? Ah well, it’s something else for us to gripe about and for them to spend millions on pushing it through the legal system only to find it’s a heap of crap and not working. Keep smiling… that’s why God gave us white teeth… :4

This is U.S. democracy!! :r I don’t now why Americans can’t understand that they live under a 'fascist" government? :c

We are no fascists! Why dont you actually read the damn article. The legislation was introduced, not passed. The US is a democracy precisely because any bill imagineable can be intoduced, or proposed. This in now way means that it will become a law. I am sick of the anti US sentiment on the net. Sure we are not perfect, but as a nation we are pretty damn good! Where are you from landock? Even if I knew I couldn’t say anything about your country without sounding like an ignorant retard because I don’t know shit about it. Black_wolf hit it right on the money. This guy probably recieved tons of money from people in the entertainment buisiness to fund his campaign. This type of shit is the biggest problem with or gvt and there are people out there trying to abolish it. It won’t dissapear overnight but it will eventually be phased out.

DinZy, anti-American sentiment happens for a variety of reasons… Look at why people are currently feel that way. You might want to start your research here: Some are just… as above. But other of course might not. The common joke about Americans everyone but Americans dont generaqlly get is “We are the world”

Lanky. That’s quite a good article and is a fairly good idea of ONE reason why people dont like america. They do think they are the world and they think they can do whatever they want whenever they want. The UN was created to keep peace between countries and to try to stop wars. On several occassions however America has blatently ignored their advice and just got involved in wars that were none of their business. America likes to do what it wants when it wants no matter what anyone else says. That’s one reason why people dislike it so much. Another reason is because Americans are so patriotic. Americans look at it as a good quality but like the article link shows, what patriotism really equates to is not freedom of speech but fear of questioning the rights or wrongs of something the country is doing in case what you say or ask should be ‘unpatriotic’. After Sept. 11th which the whole world agrees was wrong, your stupid president in one speech basically said: Your either with us or against us. If you dont give us your military to go attach and wipe out some country then you are a terrorist and we’ll attack you. Crap like that is what bugs so much of the world. Everyone doesn’t have to be with them or against them, people dont have to get involved and should have the freedom not too. Unfortunately our Prime Minister (tony blair) was such a moron he rushed straight in with full military support to do ‘anything’ the americans wanted. America as a country seems to love to get into fights and loves to throw it’s weight around to give people ‘democracy’ as the americans see it even if them doing so is destroying the views of other countries because americans dont see the other countries ways as being fair on those people. What america has to realise is that not everyone has the same beliefs as them and not everyone wants to be American. In fact a LOT of people have no desire to turn into a corrupt, money hungry country where the just aren’t the ones protected but the rich are. I’m not bashing america and saying your all morons as I personally have a lot of American friends. What I am saying is that like any country it has a lot of flaws but the thing that makes it different is that it loves to try shove it’s point of view and beliefs down other countries throat and a lot of people resent that.

Was gates the love child of “hillary the harpie” and Hollings the clown…???..if you have an understanding of politics then hope to god this twit senator doesn’t try to introduce this bill at some marathon session of the senate at 3:0am when everybody has had a facefull and just want to get th’ fuck outta there…thats how they do it over here…:7

Seems to me America the beautiful is becoming very ugly indeed. They worry about terrorism but that country contains most of the corporate terrorists in the world, look at Microsoft.

This bill was shot down almost 2 months ago.

This story sounds like another media-place telling us what they want us to hear and edit the stories for maximum impact and response. Moszt likely many things were taken out of context if it’s the usual american media. Out of all the media outlets, television is the worst, then newspapers then mags. I don’t believe a word of it. They are there to make money and sell crap. And another VERY important thing is that probably 99% of the computer hardware is made in third world countries or china or mexico, etc. They don’t have any such rules like that there! It’s very, very futile to put and false sense of security with copy protections. Anything that is made to keep someone out, can be cracked and/or broken. Since so many companies are trying to cut their costs in this hurting market and economy these days, I very much doubt that they will want to spend extra money to make a feature that isn’t useful for them! Plus, remember the fiasco with the pentium 2’s and 3’s with that gay ass serial number crap? That got alot of people very upset but look how easy it is/was to disable it. All the mobo companies that I know of now make it so that you can disable that in the bios. It’s all useless and futile! Another jackass senator want’s to change the world and make himself more popular and wealthy. Wanna know an interesting fact about United States Senators? There is NO college or university requirements to actually be a senator. Hell, as far as I know, you don’t have to even have a high school diploma! All you have to be is a smooth talking bullshit artist, make promises that you’ll never keep but that will move the people enough to vote for you! We, the people, vote these jerkoffs into office, only for them to ignore the very people that got them to where they are at now. AND they only do things that will get them votes. They don’t give a damn about what the public wants, if it doesn’t suit their fancy!

Heh, I just had to add this… Senators gotta be the biggest crackheads in the american government! Believe that crap about what this article was about and that it actually will be a “law” and I got anouther bullshit bill that a different senator is trying to pass into a law; this bill/law is one in which makes it legal for adults to have sex with minors as long as the child agrees to have sex. No real age limit either! Bwaahaa haa! See what I mean by crack-smoking senators? I tell ya, we gotta get the liberals out of the government cause they will destroy the united states with thier “compassionate” ways and afraid of the lawyers and offending anyone! Are they a bunch of tree-huggin hippies or what?!?

Let them introduce it. Can you see the positive point here? If the entertainment industry does this, they are really really stupid. Once the hardware protection will be introduced, it will be cracked (no matter what). The upside is that when the have installed this protection in millions of hardware units, they won’t be able to alter and improve it to combat piracy. Once it’s cracked, they can’t develop new protections because the original protection is in the hardware. If they change the protection, then million’s of machines would become useless. Do you see my point here?

YA, YA, YA… I got three words for your Euro-trash American bashers… Who bailed you idiots out in the war? You people are so unthankful.

Great now americans cant count… three?