New legal trading site where you can make money for joining!

Hey guys! I’ve been playing around on this site called, where you can buy/trade/sell cds, dvds, and games! It’s really cool and they are starting this promotional deal, where you can make 2$ when you sign up and start a collection using my promotional code and I’ll make 3$. Then you can refer people and make 3$ and they’ll make 2$. The cash will either come to you in a check or it can go into your account to aid you in buying stuff!! It’s an easy way to make cash and a great way to legally get cds, dvds etc. Check it out!!

yay! but why not just sell on eBay or Amazon?

sonicswap as compared to eBay: (I’m not familiar with Amazon)

(+)It’s all music and media. If that is all your looking for then that is good. Also, there may be something there that is not on eBay. However, I have never seen anything “not on eBay.” Searching eBay is kind of like a Google search… “It always comes up with something…”

(+)The ability to “swap.” I don’t think eBay has this. (They may) That is a bit intriguing. I assume there is some sort of wish-list you can post so that people know what to offer you for trade. That might be kinda cool.

(-)They are much younger that eBay. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are not better is some way. eBay however has been around for quite a while and they definitely know what they are doing. Examples: Quick-links to autopay if using PayPal. Extensive search capabilities. Extensive development of bidding procedures, “watch”-ing mechanism, and favorite search/category storage. Being able to confine a listing to newly list, about to end auctions as well as completed (for price comparison) eBay got it going on!</I>

(?)What is the cost to post an item for sale/swap? What if it sells? What if it doesn’t? All that…

P.S. My Microsoft Word dictionary says that google is not a word. So I looked it up. It’s true.
10 to the hundredth power is not a google, but rather a googol. Note the spelling. Also 10 to the googol is a googolplex. Googleplex is not a word. Note spelling again. (So says The American Heritage® Dictionary)

And there is your useless fact for the day.

coolz… going there right now…
heard about such sites from friends before… but can’t rem the site names though…
its quite good for DVD/VCD buyers? u can sell your old discs… after getting sick of them. :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea to swap games as long as they can stop people abusing it and swapping illegal stuff etc.

are sites where people swap online cdkeys legal?, it means that people can no longer play the game if they have given it away, so only 1 copy is around.

ben :slight_smile:

I cant see nothing on that site about swapping cd keys its about trading games the serial would go with the game…

Is it legal to buy, sell, and trade used music, movies, and games?

Absolutely – It is legal as long as you are buying, selling, and trading the original media. Trading or selling copies of an original CD, DVD, or game violates US copyright laws, and it also cheats the artists and studios. We don’t support stealing music, movies, or games – so if you are trading or selling copies, we will have to shut down your account.

about the cd keys thing, i want refering to that site, there are loads of forums where poeple exchange keys and i wondered if they where legal.

ben :slight_smile:

Giving out CD Keys is like distributing serials, which is illegal!

If you sell/trade your original disc, it has to include the original CD Key/serial, then I don’t see any problem (as long as it is not on our forum, because we are no eBay).

ok basicly i think the cd key swapping sites are legal (as long as the keys have been bought legaly) basicly what it means it that instead of having to post the whole game the reciver who bouhgt the cd-keys the reciver would borrow a copy of somebody and install using the cd-key (s)he just bought. the seller wouldnt be able to play the game any more, only one copy is around.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. im not suggesting it be done here, im just wondering if it is legal

No way can this ever be legal …

oh ok, i wont try it then :slight_smile:

this site is nice it also has feedback for seller/swapper so you know how reliable that person is