New law could prohibit the playing of homemade media



I just posted the article New law could prohibit the playing of homemade media.

Reports keep coming about new laws in the US that try to forbid the breaking of copy protections. The one that I read today beats them all. The law’s purpose is to prevent the breaking of technology…

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very funny and it’s getting funnier :4


It’s a typical political thing:shout real hard,create impracticable law purposals,get noticed by the multimedia industry,so you can obtain some money for your next campaign…and slap the poor fellow that voted for you in his face…:frowning:


The land of the free…whoa ha ha ha


:r Typical US government paranoia… Lead by the music & movie industry that line their pockets…


FUCK Biden!!! Greedy bastards are just making it closer to having cameras in our homes. The fucked up government has just forgotten that we have the right to our privacy! If this law passes or any other stricter copyright legislation then FUCK the USA government. We need no fucken retarded laws to protect intellectual property. We want laws regarding profit copying, not free copying. Remember fucked up government that property is physical, not intellectual. Your not taking shit from anybody by copying music, software, movies and distributing them for free or distributing them to yourself. You are only taking away people’s rights by copying things you did not create and selling them for a profit only, not by just copying something!!! Understand FUCKEN retard RIAA, MPAA, BSA, Biden, Berman, and Hollings.


It doesn’t matter if this law passes or not. Because the RIAA will keep getting people to try to pass laws similar to this over, and over again until one passes. It’s like a brute force attack on democracy. This is why money is evil.


So…how much did the RIAA pay Biden? Hehe…bastards.


I’ve said similar before and I’ll say it again . . . Catch the muggers, murderers and rapists, then worry about this kinda shit. Cos as far as I’m concerned, greedy company profits pale in significance. I just wish they’d give the same attention to the really serious crimes for fuck sake. Laterz … . :4


Sometimes I think all those angry americans will get all the big guns they all have and will go to the Congress to say what they think about the fact they can’t listen to a song they played in the garage. :4 Probably Bush’ll use the H to shut them up. :7


Don’t forget, Biden was caught stealing other people’s work (words) and using them for his own personal gain. :-4 Perhaps he needs to be reminded of that…


In response to UofM3000, don’t forget that even if you copy stuff and give it away for free, it IS still against copywrite and IS taking from the creaters. What happens if someone makes a great program and someone else gets it and gives it to everyone, that person is not going to write anything else is he? You can’t say that just because you don’t sell copied stuff for profit but give it away instead, that it is not wrong.


This story is so ridiculous it’s amazing that anybody thinks that this will become reality. As you may very well know (or at least you should!), anything you record yourself is protected by copyrights allright, YOUR OWN! If you record a homemade movie, it’s yours, nobody else has the right to copy it. You can play it whenever you wish…without having to wonder if you’re going to jail for doing so. Wake up people–stop adding to the paranoia!!!


Lets see here ?? you,ve had a president that couldn’t stay awake long enough to hear an important speech, you’ve had a president who used his status to ellicit sexual favours, and you now have a president who has his fathers hand up his arse pulling the wires. I think people shouldn’t be to surprised that grubby, pathetic, money grubbing senators, who’s IQ matches their shoe size, should be passing bills like this. And yes if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny…:7


I HAVE A GREAT IDEA!!! We need to work together to make this happened. Let say this stupid law does pass. If we all don’t pay the stupid $25,000, what is the government going to do, arrest us all? They can’t do that. They can do only so much. If we all rebel, we can overrun these stupid laws. But it will only work if we all work toghter. Tell me what you think


Well I don’t have $25,000 anyway, so I’m definitly in.


Sh82nKraZy: Biden got $39,324 from the TV/Movie Industries, however he got $798,462 from various Law firms, so he’s techinically their bitch :stuck_out_tongue: But I wouldn’t be suprised if the RIAA and others are some of the law first clients :slight_smile: (thanx