New Laserlok Marathon



Just took an MLS Laserlok demonstration disc… with their new protection Marathon.

Inside the disc there is a LLSysStat.exe 963kb
in the root directory and a folder named Laserlok with 2 files inside
LASERLOK.IN 245.392kb

that’s all the files… when you run the LLSysStat.exe an authentication proccess starts and a window open with the system specs…
I managed to make an image with CloneCD with the laserlok profile but the backup freezes at the authentication proccess.
The ring in the plate of the disc is not there like the old laserlok…
it appears to be a straight line scratch from the center of the cd to the very edge (new position of the laserlok or just a scratch not sure???)

The funny thing is that the original disc i have is a kind of cdr but branded with the MLS logo LaserLock…i mean it’s not seems to be factory original…

Tonight i will do some test so if you have to suggest or ask something just reply to this post…


I will post some images and screenshots very soon…
but i have to return the disc tomorow…
i didn’t manange to make a working backup yet … i used clonecd to make the image with the laserlok profile…
The damaged sectors is in the end of the disk from 80% till 100% and it took me 2 hours to make the image…
I used daemon tools to emulate the laserlock but didn’t work either…

If anyone have to suggest something i will have the disc one more day…

I found thiis file debug.sp in the root directory of my disk…

V7,0,85 Marathon
WIN_XP Ver.5.1, build:2600, Service Pack 1
Computer:’**********’, User:'
_DoIt([Init1])(Giv[Init2])_FCD()__FCD(up_ck)__FCD(Init)__EXE__Init(ok)_DEv:'MAXTOR 6L020J1 ’

_FCD(Tur)__MaxS:153600__RdI-ok[123360(153600, 153600)]__ErrSet[s:123360]__NRdc[]_Voc
CD[SNML2325:10]__Voc(X)__FCD(x)(Giv_ADP_OK)_DoIt(TH AB5730)__Tt(AB5730)__Tt®_DoIt(1)
UNIT:‘LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B’,‘1.01’ (D:) t:10s
-1[t2],2[t2](124382-124431: l:50 g:18) oFE:3
1[124446-124447] s1=124440: 0/0ds 0/0ds r(1/1),13
1[124434-124435] e1=124440: 0/0ds r(1/1),13
-9[t2],10[t2](126915-126924: l:10 g:18) oFE:3
9[126939-126940] s1=126933: 0/1ds 0/1ds r(1/1),13
9[126927-126928] e1=126933: 3/4ds r(1/1),13
-17[t2],18[t2](128933-128972: l:40 g:18) oFE:3
17[128987-128988] s1=128981: 0/5ds 0/5ds r(1/1),13
17[128975-128976] e1=128981: 0/5ds r(1/1),13
-22[t2],23[t2](130588-131230: l:643 g:8) oFE:3
22[131235-131236] s1=131234: 0/5ds 0/5ds r(1/1),3
22[131233-131234] e1=131234: 0/6ds r(1/1),3

-close 1:124430_0 23/29ds (ok)
_LLRun(0)[3 sec)]_Check(0)_Check3(225)_Check2(75)_Check2(75)_Check3(225)_Stop(0)(dt)FS_x(dt1)(dt2)


Hi quirky,

have you tried to look at the CD with BlindWrite physical params extraction?


No i didn’t but does bwa supports fast error skip or something cause clonecd took me 2 hours to make the image with my toshiba 1612 and fast error skip on.


If you have time a bushound log could be useful
too, I sent you a pm explaining how to do it.


i will do it tonight and i will post the resaults soon…


try to image the cd using alcohol+protect cd vob 5 profile


Has someone done a working Image by now maybe?


I’m certainly too late, but we can see that the line is reflected into the metallic layer, thus it is on the CD’s surface and can’t be seen by the laser. Just a scratch.