New laserlock: perfect protection?

I’ve tried to copy Desperados italian version with the latest clone cd version and also with the new vob 6 but the copies I’ve made don’t work. I have used a Plextor 121032a and an Acer 12832 to write (both failed).

There’s no perfect protection :slight_smile: What settings did u use?

I’ve read the cd with usual laserlock settings: bad sector scanner on, fast error skip on, all the others default. My reader is a toshiba dvd. It took more than one hour to complete the image like with the old laserlock.

Same thing here, it must be a new protection. I have already made 5 coasters, rebooted my computer, updated drivers and so on. Nothing has worked. Please find out how, and with which options I should burn a perfect copy of Desperados (I have the EU version).


When you try InstantCDDVDTimedemo from VOB it will work.
Try it and have fun.

Like I wrote before I have tried Vob: no success…If you were able tell me please your hardware and your Vob settings thanks

What version of the Laserlock protection are we talking about!?

The laserlock, thats on the desperados game cd. It cant be copied by clonecd with the regular options. And now we are requesting the right ones, so that we can make a perfect copy of it.


Try to open Exe file either with a Hex editor or with a Disassembler.

If you have linux installed somewhere, then use the strings command: strings file.exe

This thing takes all text out of binary files, this could maybe give some results and reveal the protection.

The only thing I can think of, is that the “Intelligent Bad Sector scanner…” causes the trouble. (not intelligent enough?)

Switch it off (and be very patient when reading). I believe it’ll work (haven’t tried it yet).

Thanks Olli for reply. I followed you advice but after seven hours of reading I gave up…

I have a better suggestion:

*Go to
*Get the Desperados No-CD Eng Fixed Exe
*Copy everything from the CD to your HD except for the LaserLok dir
*Rename the Game\Game.pac file to Game.rar
*Replace the Game.exe with the Fixed one
*Rename Game.rar back to Game.pac
*Burn everything back to a CDR with the same label as the original

It’s even read better faster than the original!
I couldn’t do a PC of the game, so that’s why I post this at the CloneCD forum, if anyone asks so that people cab make a almost PC of the game! (It still works as the original.

/Happy Gaming from Grongi

Thanks Grongi for replying. I know I could do in this way, but I would like to make a perfect copy (if it is possible), it is not the game now to interest me but the protection!


I made some tests with CloneCD. Usual settings.

1.) The copy runs always in a TOSHIBA SDM-1502 DVD-ROM

2.) Copy fails in Plextor PX40, PXW-1210, Mitsumi 4805

If I enable PlayBackup (the best tool next to CloneCD) with both “Securom” settings (Hide Burner & SecuROM2) copy runs in all units.

I assume this version of LaserLock has a special “CloneCD” Trap built in. I’ll look further into this.

very interesting… These guys are smart. I’ll be glad to read about your research Olli.

To lupicupi: Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find the solution… I grew tired of making coasters, so I made it this way. It works totally like the original. You still need the CD for the movies. Good luck, I will aid you as much as I can in the quest for the new laserlock protection…


Thanks Grongi and Olli it is nice to feel I am not left alone with copy problems.
To Grongi: I also have a nice collection of coasters, do you know a good use of them :slight_smile: ?

Olli you are right!
I read in an other forum that if you create two files: debscr.sp and debug.sp in the c:\ directory, launching the game you can see on the left of the screen : “clone cd v2.0 solved”. I can confirm it cause I’ve tried it.

That sound strange… wonder what it means…

Anyways, I made a CD clock out of a coaster, also my friend and I play freesbee with coasters sometimes :wink:


There is a new interesting option in the clone beta about the intelligent bad sector scanner…
Maybe it is not by accident…
Grongi what do you think?
Anyway thanks Olli!

Maybe its Maybeline…
Anyways, I haven’t tried to copy it using CloneCD 3 yet. Maybe I should… when I’m not busy playing it ;D