New laaptop DVD Rewriter



I have a laptop with a Sony DW-U54A DVD re-writer which is now playing up.

Just recently when I tried to reinstall Windows XP Pro from a formatted hard drive the file could not be read by the internal DVD.

After some bodging I got Windows to work (with some problems) so I reinstalled Windows from inside Windows as an update using my external USB DVD drive and the file was read without problem.

I have also experienced other problems with this drive.

I have tried cleaning the lens with a couple of CDROM cleaning discs.

My very first questions on this forum are -

  1. Should I replace the drive?
  2. If so with what drive should I replace it?
  3. Where is a good place to get the drive?

Many thanks for all your help with this problem.


It may be a little early to say the drive is faulty, since the signs you describe could be due to a damaged CD that can be read better by one drive than another. What are the additional problems you had with the DW-U54A…?


As I said above the WIN XP Pro CD disk is read correctly by the external drive but not by the internal drive. I have has similar results with other CDROMs