New Kprobe2 and PI/PO "BLER" scans



I would like to share my experiences of PI/PO scans (BLER) with the new Kprobe2. (Version 2.0.0)

Settings: 4X speed, PIsum=8ECC, POsum=1ECC, Remove the singular point ‘checked’.

Media: DVD+R 4X, YUDEN000-T01-000, burned at 8X with speedhacked firmware HS0K.
Media plays flawlessly in standalones and PS2.

For more info read my post here.


One of my first scans of this disk with Kprobe2.


Rescanned the same disk. Compare the difference to above… :confused:


Same disk scanned with “old” Kprobe 1.1.29.

Comments: All scans are done on same compu, Windows 2kPro SP4. ASPI 4.60. No other programs running in the background and the compu was restarted before the scan. Exactly the same settings (scan1&2). Rescanned disk 3 times at this moment with same “bad” result.
Why do I get the huge differences between scan 1 and 2?


Uninstalled Kprobe 1.1.29 and I´m getting same good PI/PO scan results as initially
(scan1, above).

[I]originally posted by rdgrimes [here]( [/I]
[B]KPRobe2 can co-exist with Kprobe1, you do not need to uninstall 
one in order to run the other. They will, by default, install to 
the same directory[/B].

Are you really sure rdgrimes?


Originally posted by pinto2

Are you really sure ?
As far as I’m concerned, YES.


Strange result you got there, Pinto.

KP1 and KP2 should coexist just fine. I still have the two of them installed. The very first thing I did when I got to play with KP2 was to run a series of tests to see if the results are consisten between KP1 & KP2, between max sampling & no, and between ASPI & SPTI. The results are terribly boring as they all came out pretty much the same…


Yes code65536, I´m not quite sure whats going on here.
I have not done any changes to my system except uninstalling v.1.1.29 after scan2.

Could it also be a ASPI problem… Strange I checked ASPI some days ago and today after the unistall. All the same, 4.60.

Maybe somebody else have same or similar experiance… :wink:


I had similar differences between scans when i first installed KProbe2.

It seems to have “fixed” itself for now but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

This a scan done with 1.1.29 after backing up a DVD.


The same disc scanned with KProbe2


Did a few more scans on other discs and got the same results.

Then to save time I started scanning only the last 10% or so of each disc and got this ???

This is a scan of the last 10% or so of the same disc as above.


Did a scan of the full disc again and got a result very similar to what I originally got in 1.1.29.

I know that none of these are bad scans - far from it , but it was a bit annoying getting “different” scans from the two versions of KProbe.

As I said it seems to have fixed itself so hopefully I’m getting a true indication of the burn because even thou I don’t “live and die” by what KProbe says , it is a very useful tool for comparing different discs and firmware, but it is useless if you can’t rely on your own benchmarks.


if your trying to compare kprobe to krpobe2 your like comparing apples to oranges. they are not going to be the same. Plus ive found you need to use aspi for scans in kprobe2. also any ide activity can distort the scan (yes that means browsing the internet while your scanning). I found a suspicious program installed on my computer that was causing some problems with my kprobe2 (block spikes) once i uninstalled the program my scans were alot better. And from what ive found scanning only parts of the disk give better results maybe its a memory leak issue not sure.

plus remember were using 1ecc on the PO now…that will reduce your POs some (but not on a 8 to 1 basis of kprobes)…but scanning every ecc is inheirently going to be a little inaccurate accoding to karr as the cycles cant keep up, this may distort the PIs/POs a bit.

im using a 3200+ with 1 gig of ram and am doing no activity while i scan…not sure if thats why im getting more consistent results but karr said lower end systems will have a hard time using 1ecc.


Originally posted by Jamos
if your trying to compare kprobe to krpobe2 your like comparing apples to oranges

Except with the obvious exception of PO (thanks to 1ECC), I have found my KP1 vs. KP2 scans to be virtually identical. And when comparing PO between the two, you can still look at the total PO, which in my case, remained virtually identical between the two.

shrugs Just my experience… I guess YMMV


If you scan the same disc, with the same drive, on the same pc, then (I would have thought) it really shouldn’t make any difference what version of kprobe gets used.

I use kprobe to compare what other changes (firmware , media , software) have done to my burns.
The point i was trying to make was that this is a bit tricky to do if you get different results of the same disc from kprobe, especially when try to compare some media that is ‘all over the place’ such as Ritek. I need to be sure that it is the quality of the discs that is varying - not the results from the scanning software.


yes i have to admit this version is a bit more tricky to get to work consistently im still struggling with it a bit.


code65536 makes an excellent point, one that nobody else seems to have been watching. The total count of errors is more or less the same regardless of the ECC-sum settings.


My issues were wildly varying scans…sometimes a normal looking one some times huge blocks of spikes(like 1000 ticks each) after much thought it seems my 812 drive may be the culpret (dont see alot of you using these for your scans). so i went to the local store and got a 811. well i can tell you its a dramatic difference. my 812 still seems to burn well but i think its read capabilities are crappers!

and yes i understand what hes saying about total errors. thats why i made the concept of apples and oranges some things are the same ie they are both fruit (ie PIs should be close), but others have changed…mainly the 1ecc scanning on POs.

but i think my issue was purely my drive. anyone else out there have a 812 using it with kprobe? (yes even kprobe1 scans were getting these blocks).


The 812 is generally regarded as a superior reader than the 811 series. You may well have just gotten a bum drive.


could be it seem to be ok at first…then the last couple of weeks got worse and worse. I think making it a external wasnt a good idea with traveling back and forth to work etc. these drives dont seem to be made for travel…hehe


Originally posted by Jamos
could be it seem to be ok at first…then the last couple of weeks got worse and worse. I think making it a external wasnt a good idea with traveling back and forth to work etc. these drives dont seem to be made for travel…hehe

Well turn it upside down and whack it agains the edge of your desk a few times. :eek: Maybe you can “un-do” the shocks it took?


Im wondering if it was ever very accurate as now my scans on same media with 811 are showing higher pi errors…though the pos are still real low. i can now see where my drive changes speed from 4x to 6x to 8x, also errors get higher, so im thinking this 811 is alot more accurate than that drive i had. And no big spike blocks or high spikes;)

this was burned with a benq DW822A at 8x. notice the raise when it went from 4x to 6x.


same disk scanned with kprobe 1.29…as you can see this drive is pretty accurate and except for the POs being higher naturally by using 8eccs that both programs are very comparable if not identical in PIs. hence if your having wild variations it could be your drive.:wink:

also notice the pi/po error totals compared to the above ones nearly the same numbers!

Mr grimes if you want to put these two scans in a sticky up top to show everyone that these programs are indeed very compatable you can:bigsmile:

im leaning toward your drives lose thier reading accuracy over time. servo wear, dust on lens, etc. causing variations between scans. As you see results from a brand new drive. i am going to rma my 812 and will see how the new one does.