New keyboard and mouse?

I am trying to install and new keybpard and mouse (Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000) I fallow everything in the book, install the software and everything but they both dont work, I have no idea why.

No one willing to help?

I have the MS wireless laser mouse 6000 (not the keyboard though) I’ve found the wireless reciever will not work if it is under the desk, or if something is physically blocking the signal, it needs to be on the desk with a clear line of sight to the mouse/kbrd (I’d say within 3 feet or so, I think the book says 6ft max but closer is better). you can also try plugging into different usb ports, and/or verify that the port you are using works with other devices

I love this mouse though, the first set of batteries lasted 6 months! the back button next to your thumb is the best thing ever! when you use other comps you will be looking for that button :bigsmile:

Its only 1 foot away nothing blocking it.

Are there any channel switches on mouse/keyboard or receiver?

Ye a connection button that sets up the wireless connection, I pust it and still nothing works.

Hi :slight_smile:
ashmo, I’m using the very same as you. I had problems when doing it by the book. Have you got the latest drivers-s/w. The ones on the disc weren’t in my case. Also you have to play around with the location of the transeiver quite a bit. :iagree:

Edit: In my case the batteries included were a bit drained. Down to storage I guess.
So I put in some new ones. :bigsmile:

Ok, I got it to work, no idea how, but the mouse has a sluggish felling, I incraed the speed on thr movement but its still not right.

Hi :slight_smile:
All I can suggest is try new batteries. Gespite k/b & mouse being new they could be acient. :bigsmile: