New key2Audio crashes PC & changes firmware?

I just posted the article New key2Audio crashes PC & changes firmware?.

On Yahoo News I read an article about Celine Dion’s latest CD saying it cannot be played on PCs… but even worse: it crashes your computer?!

Epic/Sony released “A New Day Has Come” embedded…

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i have copied celibe dions album a new day has come and it plays fine on my pc and cdplayer:) no problems using clone cd

You don’t have to copy this crap-CD of Celine Dion. Use Kazaa or Grokster and you can find any song in mp3-format of this album. But how did they rip those songs and convert them in MP3 if you can play the cd in your CD-rom? Is there a god anyway? :g

Little Type-error… sorry guys …i meant: But how did they rip those songs and convert them in MP3 if you CAN’T play the cd in your CD- rom?

I would like to see it crash my PC…you can be sure I will sue for damages then :wink:

Maybe PC’s cant stand the sound of her voice and suffer “brain” damage as a result? :4 lol

Celine ! :r It is only in some countries so I’m not sure what they were thinking except maybe someone in the USA would sue them

If the CD crashes your PC or Mac they are therefore distributing a Virus. This as we all know is illegal. They should therefore be sued for every penny they have and the CEO of Sony Music jailed for life. :d

I’m able to play every key2audio cd in my old pioneer DVD reader, after having installed CDRWIN 5. Seems strange. To make a backup of key2audio cd eg. for car use just use clonecd or rip the cd with cdrwin (goldenhawk) by reading sectors. Sorry for my poor quality english. See ya. :4

they have not the right to change my hardware an firmware unless i give permission for that!!! Thats in the standards!!! :frowning:

What people actually listen to Celine Dion? :r And yet assisted suicide is illegal. What a fucked up world we live in…

You know MAC users have to have their Celene Dion and show tunes…

maybe they are just saying that it will crash a PC…so U will not copy.I spent $150 dollars last month on Music cd’s (legaly Purchased)and have not come across a protection that I cannot copy. I copy them for my 10 Stacker in my car so as not to Dammage Original Cd. It is suppost to be illegal, but why are Music companys still colleting royalties of Blank audio Tapes and Audio CD’d in my country(Australia). We are all being scammed. I think that I will just go back to downloading them off the Internet for free to teach them all a lesson. Suck my d_ck Music Company’s…Power to the people…Hope you all go broke.PS ever thought that Music companys are just tring to Stop Digital music on the Internet to just Protect there Own Interests? maybe this is what is Secretly going on. Cheers megod :d

plextor 12/10/32a didnt like it but 1999 mitsumi cd rom did it nooo problem with win on cd protection still on copy if you tremove data or first track get no audio off of copy

Hmm sounds interesting, I am excited if they really dare distributing a disc that crashes your PC… just imagine you just finished your 5-hours-of unsaved-work word document and want to listen to some music to relax… :stuck_out_tongue: Well, what did the guys from NOFX say ( well ‘sing’)? “Parasitic music industry as it destroys itself” Maybe (hopefully) they are right! ( sorry for my bad english) greetings NetterMann

eeeewwwww celine dion enough said

Well too be quite honest with you, if this new protection crashes yer pc, and alters the firmware, or causes loss of data, or corruption of critical data, then you can take them too court, and sue the ass off them:4 Greetz from The Diplomat :8

Using pioneer dvr 103, set clock ahead a few hours and placed locale in mexico and was able to load and copy 17 tracks without a problem using clone

Celine or not Celine is not the problem. If they get through with this sooner or later all CD’s will get crappy. So people like me, who mostly own originals instead of copied CD’s can’t get good quality anymore. And for the “take them to court” thoughts: forget it. If they write on this crap “don’t put it in your computer” - then it’s your own fault if you do!

i cannot blame the harddrives, cds, dvds or recorders for not reading Celine Dion: the hardware deserve some respect :d :d