New Kazaa likely to raise labels' ire - pirates winning?

I just posted the article New Kazaa likely to raise labels’ ire - pirates winning ?.

Earlier today we reported about a new version of KaZaA. Lots of new features were added. Most of them will help KaZaA to make more profit, but two new developments will enrage the music and movie…

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I don’t know…from what I’ve read, it’s fully loaded with spyware and apparently (rumor) it deletes all of your files once a month (?). Can anybody please verify this?

All right go Kazaa!! It’s the time where the file sharers will win the war against the RIAA and MPAA. I wish the file swappers of copyrighted works the best of luck!

Haven’t the rate files and filter bogus music video files always been in KaZaa?

I’ve always like the KaZaA software (although I could do without the spyware). This just makes it even better. Thanks Sharman!

It just needs to encypt your IP adress, instant war won!!

In the previous version of Kazaa, when you downloaded a file. The title was correct, but not the file. Does someone now which will be rated? The file or the title? Greetzzz :8