New JVC(TY) or old TY ? And what type?



Hi, everyone.

(First: I’ve read trough all topics in this forum and have decided to buy some Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s for burning a collection of movies and series. I haven’t found any topic about this particular question, so I’m starting a new one)

I’ve found some different kinds of offers, some TY itself, others JBC (TY). also some differences between Archival Grade/Watershield/Thermo… These are the models I found:

DVD+R , JVC (Taiyo Yuden) 16x
DVD+R , JVC (Taiyo Yuden) Archival Grade 16x
DVD+R , TAIYO YUDEN 16x Watershield inktjet printable
DVD+R , TAIYO YUDEN 16x Thermo & Retransfer

Are all these of +/- the same quality, or are there any types I should avoid? I was thinking of going for the TY 16x Watershield ones, since the Watershield also protects from scratches etc.

Thanks for any feedback.