New "Jackie Brown CE" Frustrations! Just Wont Behave!

I just purchased the Jackie Brown Collectors Edition Yesterday.
Well, anyway, when i rip the whole movie to my hard drive, it plays fine. I’m ripped it with anydvd, dvd shrink, and dvd decrytper.
Well, when i load it in dvd shrink, its fine also.
The problem i have is loading it in Vob Blanker. When i load it in Vob blanker, i get an error about “unsupported cell” angles and they will be skipped. Well, i tried to work around this by blanking out all the stuff i wanted blanked out, and then processing it to an empty folder, which before hand i copied the man movie vob’s.
Everything seemed fine, when i tryed it out in neroshowtime, it plays perfect. The problem is when i used dvd shrink to save it as a iso. When i open it up and play it, its very choppy in the beggining of the movie. And you can actually see the instant replay going on in the preview window of dvd shrink.
For about the first 20 minutes into the movie, everything loops itself, about a 1 second response.
Ive provided A screenshot of Dvd Shrink In The Reauthoring Mode.
Its actually showing the “angle2” deal. Just like vob blanker said it had a problem with.
The problem is, i want to retain the menu. And So im clueless as to how to get the angle 2’s out of the movie, because i firmly believe they are causing the instant replay. And they are also probally taking up alot of room.

Look at the screenshot.
Im looking for someone to help me out, but in laymans terms. A really not so complicated way of making this work. If i need to download other programs to do it, then thats fine, but if it could be an easy guide, then id appreciate it. Thanks.

When you’re using the reauthor mode then you’ll loss the menu. Do you’ve already tried to select only one of these angles? Otherwise if you’d like to keep the menus you could try clonedvd.

You don’t need VobBlanker. Just re-rip with DVD Decrypter and load into Shrink. You will need full disc mode to keep the menu and compress. Multi angles don’t take much room up.

If you want just the movie then select title 1 and drag over to the left. You will get the complete movie with no menus.

yes, i know that. but i want to keep the menus, and i also want to have the movie fully uncompressed, and usually i can get this done by using vobblanker and then menushrink togeather and then dvd shrink. But i just use dvd shrink to back it up as an iso, since i dont need to shrink it because everything is fully uncompressed.
What im trying to do is remove the 2 unneeded angles, and be able to blank all the previews, special features, and fbi warning, etc. (like i have been doing in vobblanker). By doing this, and then menu shrink, i have fully uncompressed movie with menu.
How, do i go about getting it to work that way? in the simplest form?

You can only have the film uncompressed if it is small enough to start with. You do not have 4 x 4169MB on the disc as that is impossible. You have shared cells (angles) which take no room up. You have already menushrinked so teh film is just 4169MB and the extras is nothing. So, the overall size is already 300MB under a single sided DVD.

If the 4169MB is already set to compress then you can’t have uncompressed film on the disc. It isn’t always possible.

nwg is right, there’s no need to compress, it already fits into DVD-5. Your real problem is using VobBlanker to process angle movie. VobBlanker does not handle angle movie, it will de-interleave it, that’s why you see instant replay. Use the small tool del_angles to delete the 2nd angle.

The tool is in this thread:

DvdReMake (Pro) can handle angle movie, and strip it if you want.

DVD Decrypter can also strip angles. If you change DVVD settings so it keeps angle 1. it will strip out the others.

Like i mentioned before then try clonedvd.