New Italian criminal code trumps music anti-piracy efforts

I just posted the article New Italian criminal code trumps music anti-piracy efforts.

 We all  hear that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but did you think there were  places where they were this slow? According to this story over at  Music Industry News, it          ...
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6 years for a ‘lawsuit’ to get to court?! is it just me or are we spending too much of our collective lives in cars, courts, and idle time wasting?

Well , that’s what I has beeing telling all the time - the more cases , the more law is “strict” then the more chances juditial system will collapse.

must be a bitch though waiting for your trial 6 years in nick just to be told you are not guilty ?

Bravo Italia!

Translation: “We, the Italian courts, are tired of the bullshit being perpetuated by the music indiustry and the pointless, vindictive and just plain silly-assed lawsuits you keep bringing to court. You are the weakest link - goodbye.”

It’s the Mafia’s fault. Yay, Mafia! :slight_smile: Now, if only they’d change the statute in the United States from whatever it is to three days… :g