New iPhone



Not really sure where this fits in but take a look:

2008 for UK release which is a bit of a bum


Wow … a smartphone with touchscreen … who would have thought …
But wait, don’t they already have these?

The only difference is the complete lack of actual buttons.

Good luck finding the on/off button :wink:

Honestly, the only decent innovation that apple ever presented was the Graphical User Interface and Mouse.

Wait! Didn’t Xerox invent that, and palm it off to Apple as a dead-end technology?


Hmmm… looks quite nice in the video.

I wonder if Cisco will win the sue or not…


I might get one simply because chicks dig Apple products and I want to keep up my sexy image. :stuck_out_tongue:


How true.

Hm. I had a touch screen phone one year ago and it also had DMB TV, external memory slot, MP3, and could play DivX video. I bought that for no more than US$10. By the second half of 2006, DMB had become ubiquitous.

Apple’s being degraded from the world’s leading computer technology company to a minor consumer electronics company very soon to be replaced by one of the many Chinese competitors.

Samsung has Yepp, but doesn’t want to sell too many of them in the US market because Samsung provides NAND flash chips to Apple and Samsung doesn’t yet have an iTune-like online distribution network. Which is why Samsung’s interested in what Bill Gates proposed during the CES 2007 regarding Zune.


sorry mate, hate to to spoil the cliche, but i cant say i dig Apple products much :stuck_out_tongue: Creative is my mp3 company of choice :smiley: