New Internet Scam

In the tradition of the Nigerian banker who wants to give you $60,000 (or was it $600,000?), has anyone else received this one?

> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I, on behalf of my other colleagues from Government Constituted Review
> panel with the Ministry of Minerals & Energy here in South Africa, decided
> to solicit your assistance as regards transfer of the above-mentioned
> into your account. Note that these funds emanated from unclaimed
> proceeds of contracting firms who could not meet their obligation to their
> creditors. Consequently, these firms went bankrupt and total liquidation.
> >
> >
> >
> > We as holders of sensitive positions in our various parastetals and were
> mandated by the government to scrutinize all payment made to certain
> foreign contractors and we discovered that some of the contractors have
> been paid their contractual entitlement which collectively left an amazing
> sum of US$21,500,000.00(Twenty One Million Five Hundred Thousand US
> lying in a suspense Account. However, from our extensive investigation we
> discovered that the foreign beneficiary companies have since been
> and no longer existing for some years which motivated our intention,
> fully well that our operation would be exceedingly smooth and completely
> safe for all parties concerned.
> >
> >
> >
> > We have agreed on this side that the said amount would be transferred
> our own use) into a Bank account provided by a reliable foreign
> firm/associate, because we are serving government workers and the Civil
> Service Code does not allow us to operate foreign Account/Company.
> >
> >
> >
> > Following our intention to carry out this laudable project expediently
> however, succeed in transferring part of this (money) precisely US$5M
> Million US Dollars) only into a foreign Bank Account in Lebanon, but the
> provider of the account is up to some mischief and refused to comply with
> our earlier mutual agreement insisting that the total amount be paid into
> his nominated bank account before disbursement will take effect. We thus,
> believed and concluded that if in the first successful transfer of US$5M
> (Five Million US Dollars) we are not compensated how then are we sure that
> when the balance of USD16.5M (Sixteen-Million Five hundred Thousand US
> Dollars) is transferred into his account that we will be sure of our due
> compensation.
> >
> >
> >
> > In the light of the foregoing, we are therefore seeking your assistance
> that the remaining amount of US$16,500,000 can be speedily processed and
> fully remitted into your nominated Bank account.
> >
> >
> >
> > On successful remittance of the fund into your account, you will be
> compensation with 20% of the amount for your valuable assistance and
> cooperation. So far, much have been said and due to our sensitive
> we can not afford a slip in this transaction neither can we give our
> identities as regards our respective offices, but were relationship is
> confidently established and smooth operations commences, you will be
> furnished with all you deserve to know.
> >
> >
> >
> > I am disposed to entertain any questions from you with respect to this
> transaction. Please contact me immediately through these Email addresses:
> for further information on the requirements and
> procedure of this transaction
> >
> > Treat with strictest confidentiality and utmost urgency.
> >
> >
> >
> > Yours faithfully,
> >
> >
> >
> > Solomon Soki”

ROTFLMAO :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoever’s stupid enough to believe in this crap deserves to get scam.

It is very unbelievable what people do to make/steal money :eek:

What’s more difficult to believe is that there are some people out there that will fall for this … :rolleyes:

Did your email have any special characteristic Phil, like a strange code/number at the end or the beginning or something? They usually do that to recognize the recipient or something - i think Sir D had received such a mail in the past.

i got one from Nigieria and one from Seria Leon…

Of course it’s was unrecycled-bin :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I remember reading practically the same one a while ago on the forum. They try to convince you that they are for real by sounding real. Notice the abundance of large fancy words and the country that the chose: South Africa. Another african country in a weird economical state. Maybe the recepient of the letter knew that and figured that it is plausible, which it is. However, what is blatantly false about it is the fact taht a major part of a country that most Americans cant find on the map would contact you of all people to help them out with their financial needs. People who fall for these things must have an ego the size of the sun.

BOFH 2002: Episode 24 :

Dear Reader,

Allow me the opportunity of presenting a commercial proposition to you that would be mutually beneficial. I got your name and contact from the heeeuge database of Register readers which they use to send unsolicited email and dob people in to their bosses for wasting company time on the web all afternoon when they get back from the pub.

I consulted many sources of information on the web, including several search engines, a web self help utility, and 321 porn sites. They all agreed that you were a reliable person of good character apart from the fetish for donkeys and tomato paste. For this reason I feel that I can confide in you - and only you - my true identity. I am The PFY, otherwise know to you as the Pimply Faced Youth, assistant to the Bastard Operator From Hell.

As you know, The Bastard is a very wealthy person, having stolen, lied, cheated and blackmailed his way into several dubious consulting positions, including the one he now holds with a large and very cash-rich company. In recent days, the Bastard Operator from Hell has gone on an extended holiday under the guise of searching the web for a secure version of Explorer, and is not expected back for several years.

Before he left, he deposited a large amount of his wealth in a room in the basement of the company building, carefully labelled so as to frighten any inquisitive person from ever thinking of opening it. (I.e. “Audio Tapes - Larry Ellison on the Future of Computing, Bill Gates on Microsoft’s Vision and Richard Stallman on Free Beer”). A conservative estimate of this wealth is several thousand British Pounds, with a street value of several thousand English Pounds, or several billion turkish lire (or a couple of trillion Turkish lire if you read this in a couple of weeks, allowing for devaluation).

No-one apart from myself knows where this money is hidden as The Bastard was careful to wait until 4:58pm, when no-one was left in the building (and before night security clocked in) to put the money in place.

I am now looking for a partner to help me invest these ill-gotten gains in high return stocks and bonds.

I am humbly seeking your assistance in the following ways so that I can begin the transfer of this money to you to invest:
To serve as guardian of this money until I can transfer it (in suitcasefuls, so as not to attract attention) from it’s storage.

To make arrangements for my accomodation, meals and entertainment expenses, as it might be insecure for me to be seen my home until the transfer is complete
In return for your time and aid, I am fully prepared to give you half - that is 50% - of the contents of the locked briefcases when they have all been transferred from the company, to do with as you please. I am sure that you will agree that this is a most lucrative offer, and one which is unlikely to be made to just anyone.

Should you be willing to partake in this venture and assist me in this undertaking, you can be assured that it will be concluded in a matter of a few weeks and with the utmost discretion. Any notification to the Inland Revenue authorities of the money is a matter up to you and you alone.

I look forward to corresponding with you via email about this exciting opportunity in the near future - however, I would stress the need for security and discretion in this undertaking as my supervisor has a paranoia verging on ESP when it comes to losing any of his investments. Should he find out of the venture I am proposing, I am sure that his reaction would be both swift and vio

asf;erio ®

Yep, seen thess scams as well. I’ve deleted them without reading them.

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Did your email have any special characteristic Phil, like a strange code/number at the end or the beginning or something? They usually do that to recognize the recipient or something - i think Sir D had received such a mail in the past.

Don’t think there’s anything special about my email addy but both my brother and I get these all the time.

The reason I posted is because I hadn’t seen this particular one before and wondered if it was new.

Internet scams are hilarious…from those to the typical “I work for MSN/AOL please give me your account and password so you won’t be deleted/lose access”. I knew someone who fell for that while playing diablo…lol. At least there, all he lost was the time it took to get the items his mid-level character found in the course of playing the game.

What ever happened to just putting a gun to someones face and saying “Give me your wallet?” Oh well. I can’t wait for some CDFREAKS gathering so I can show you what that is all about :slight_smile:

Man, when am I ever going to get scammed? I would like 18 Millions in my account! :slight_smile:

Would be cool if someone would reply to the mail address stated above and would post the replies on the forum :wink:

Of course playing along with them, and not falling for their scam, we aren’t that stupid RIGHT ?! :wink:

Well, while we’re on the subject, here’s another one my brother got recently:

“> From: “Mrs. Glorja Vlado” <>
> Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 10:11 PM
> Subject: Please Come To My Aid
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> How are you?
> I need your help.
> I am the widow of VLAJKO STOJILJKOVIC, one of the
> people indicted at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal in
> Hague. The indictment is
> politically motivated.It was for the package the
> western world has provided
> Yogoslavia.
> Slobodan and my husband had kept some funds , in
> to enable them take
> care of rebel problems. However, now the country
> protected has turned against them. We need to
> the money out to
> safety.
> The funds are in excess of 200 million dollars. They
> canbe shipped under
> diplomatic immunity. They will then have to be paid
> into off shore accounts. They
> are not in Yugoslav.
> Can you help? Are you capable of handling funds? Are
> you trustworthy? I have
> been asked to offer you 5%.
> Will that be ok?
> Please reply to me. I am grateful.
> Mrs. Glorja Vlado”

Amazing what one finds on the net, ain’t it? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. That’s great. There is a sucker born every minute. You know there is a scam that keeps going too for years now. I think it’s something like a CD ROM shows up in your mail that says “install disc” and you put it in and you get like 1 month free access. “You’ve got mail.” Oh…and by the way…“You’ve gotten scammed.”

Originally posted by philamber

We have a drink here in Oz, called a Stoli, im sure its full name is STOJILJKOVIC, or very close to it.

Is that a polish liquor? Sounds similar to some stuff I had and almost involuntarily vomitted. Some people said I handled it better than most though which is real comforting on the alcoholic scale of life. Either way: Some wicked stuff. Easy to see why poles are serious drinkers!!!

I have a virtual bridge for sale!!
all original, lots of chrome…:wink:

Well, a virtual bridge COULD be worth money…Say, in the new Sims Online game they have a BRIDGE that can be obtained for a large sum of money and alot of time and effort to build. Someone could sell that “virtual bridge” for real-life money. It’s been done with Everquest, Diablo II, and I’m sure others…

So: Your statement now makes you a liar because you have no such virtual bridge so now I can sue you. Have a nice day, see you in COURT!

When I get email like that, it automatically goes away. I dont bother answering it. The filters are set high enough to make those disappear.

Oh and by the way, I DO have some nice swamp land, if anybody wants some. I m not kidding, I live in a wooded area that has swamp around it.

Do you need a bridge to go over that swamp?:stuck_out_tongue: