New internal Firewire to ATAPI adapter kit

I just posted the article New internal Firewire to ATAPI adapter kit.

CuongQ used our newssubmit to tell us that he found a firewire to ATA / ATAPI
internal Converter, for those who would like to have a fast portable burner, but don’t want to buy two, this might be…

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here is the link:

The link to the source is actually already mentioned right next to ‘Source:’ in the top… Like in all newspostings, but it seems a lof of people don’t know or miss that :slight_smile:

It’s because the BS Pub Stats are always in the way…

How are the RC5 Pub Stats in the way of the source link of the article? Even in 640x480 I cannot see the problem myself? Just wondering so we can fix the problem. Relating to the article, sounds like a great product, but just like SCSI, adds more overall cost to get better performance. I wonder which would be faster, SCSI or this FireWire2ATA/ATAPI…anyone got any stats on this comparison?

We’ve been following the 1394-to-ATAPI convertors for some time, and we have already purchased and tested them with 4 Plextor PX-W2410TA’s. They work wonderfully. We were able to burn at 24x [with BurnProof disabled] to all drives with one task using the same image on one harddrive, and burn 4 different tasks, one task per burner, the source data for the task [in image format] existing on it’s own harddrive [a total of four]. The wonderful thing that we were able to daisy-chain all of the drives together, linking the system with one 1394 cable, plugging into an Orange Micro NEC-based [NEC is recommended for absolutely no problems] Firewire card. The completion time for both of those runs was around 4 minutes, 20 seconds. Needless to say, it is almost the perfect solution. If only Plextor would design a way to update the drive firmware on a Firewire bus, we would be set.