New installation....any tips?

I’ve got a new NEC 3520aw DVD writer and am wondering where to begin. I’ve spent more than a few hours reading posts in the NEC forum, but have yet to find consistant step-by-step info.

I’ve downloaded a number of tools; CD/DVD speed, DVD Info, and Binflash as well as the firmware to update to current v3.04 (have looked at the rebadged but will wait till I’m more familiar).

The DVD-R is in it’s bay (master of IDE 2 with a pullout harddrive as slave) and Windows XP SP2 recognizes it. Sony Vegas was included with my birthday present (haven’t installed it yet), so I suppose I’m all set to burn.

Where would you begin? What steps should I take to test it out before I create a few DVD coasters?

I’ve got tons of experience creating CD coasters from an assortment of CD writers over the years, but have never tested the equipment first, nor have I tried tweaking.

Any and all advice appreciated.

do u have media to work with?
do you have any burning applications installed?
the question is - what do YOU want to do with your nec 3520 and then maybe we can go from there. If you just want to play around maybe you should get some RW media (- or +) and just try backing up anything from your HD and see if it works - that way you can re-record on same disc.
happy burning and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I have Ridata DVD-R and some assorted sample discs, haven’t checked them to see what they are yet.
I have Nero 6 (which came with the writer) plus Sony Vegas (which I’ll need to work with before I feel comfortable trying to burn with yet).

I have a number of files to back up, plus an assortement of video files (which I’ve already encoded for DVD, MainConcept)

am not familiar with Nero but i read great things about it.
should be easy to import those files into nero and back up to disc.
i say GO FOR IT.
don’t overthink the process… it should be very easy.
good luck.

I have to over think it a bit, as I said, I’ve burned a lot of coaster in CD and would like to insure that that doesn’t happen with DVD.
I’m kind of looking for a hardware/settings checklist prior to burning.