New install of hybrid ssd/hdd to laptop

hey guys i hope you can help i had a hdd. fail on me in a dell inspiron 1545 running window’s 7 64 bit I got a seagate momentous hybrid to replace it . but my boot up is diskette 1st hdd 2nd and usb 3rd with the cd/dvd being last i hit the f12 to get in to the bios but i can’t change the set up.i tried to click the up and down buttons to move the cd/dvd to the top but it does not highlight or move the settings at all. the screen shows a lock and next chose on the bottom, so i tried to hit the unlock and it ask for admin. code i never put in an admin code only a code to get into my computer. i tried that code still no luck anybody got a idea what i should try to do i saw something about updating bios in a post somewhere but it said that the person that tried it, and it didn’t work. I know someone out there has had this happen to them ,any advice would be grateful thanks for the help in advance

@spboyd1, I’ve moved the thread to the SSD/HDD forum, I hope one of the experts will drop by to answer your question :wink:

this is a misunderstanding on what keys to press in setup to change it.

On a Dell notebook It is not the direction arrows,
the “Up” and “Down” arrows are used to select the device you want to move.
The the “U” & “D” key are used to actually move the device in the list.

You want the CD/DVD at the top and the HDD in the second position.

The SATA controller settings are the fourth choice in the "Internal devices"
field of setup. You need to verify that the SATA controller is set in “AHCI mode”,
so this should already be set, but it never hurts to check.

Good luck!

this is the default setting)

thanks for the reply but i still can’t choose which one to move i can click on the boot sec on the left side of the screen and then see the selections but when i try to choose the one i want to move it does not highlight it , i try to left click and right click a selection and nothing happens it’s like it won’t let me make a choice that’s why i thought it may be locked . oh by the way i am not using a mouse just the key board one

If the drive is locked, it can be locked in two ways.
1, Dell has locked it in the BIOS with an admin password. If this is the case then there maybe a section in the user manual to cover it. If not, then you will need to contact Dell support for help.

2, The drive itself is locked with a password. If you are sure you didn’t set a password, then this has either been set by the vendor you bought from, or the drive is not new and the pervious owner has set the password. In either case, if you can’t find the password then you will need to have the drive replaced.

The most likely of the two I listed is, Dell set an admin password in the BIOS.

You can’t use mouse in bios…I don’t think?
At least my 2 computers bios adjustments are controlled via keyboard only.

The mouse or more precisely “Mouse pad” does not work in setup.

when you open setup you arrow down the left column to "Boot Sequence"
This is under “System” (which should be open as default)

Press ENTER on the keyboard to enter the right field

And follow the instructions I’ve already given

IF the bios was “locked” you wouldn’t get into setup to even see the settings.