New Information about Clony XL, its release date and finally the ENGLISH TRANSLATION

Ok, folks, i’ve sent the english version of XL Beta 2 to the programmer. I translated it and the help, too.

This beta 2 is unofficial, only some people got it, cause its the very very very finished preversion of XL, so it will be XL Final when the english translation is complete.
… it is complete :smiley:

Cause I got no source code it will take some minor time to paste the text into Clony. It think you could download it tomorrow or wednesday.


That’s great news! I’ll keep my eye on the site :slight_smile:

Dear people…

This information isn’t the truth.
BxxxxJ said that the beta2 will be the final but it won’t release now. Wait some seconds.

You will get more information at this topic.

Too bad :frowning: But I think it’ll be worth the waiting :slight_smile:

…additional, it will be the first complete translated english version of clony xl ( in 1.07e the quickinfos and protection infos were in german )

The only new thing I’ve found in beta2 is a slightly changed design and the compatibility with CCD 3.x.x.x :smiley: