New InCD version

InCD has been released - no idea what’s new/fixed as the release note has not yet been updated (still showing the details from two versions ago (


This version is supposed to fix the same mode bootup problem per nero support . With 4300, 4303 you lost the ability to boot up in safe mode as i had this problem and spoke to nero tech support. See if you can boot up to safe mode with this whis new version

I just downloaded and installed 4305 and my boot up into safe mode now works.

When downloaded it disabled Norton AV, Live Update and E-mail scanning options!!

Reverted to 4.3.0 and all back to normal.

XP Pro (SP2)

Nitemare. :confused:

What version of nav are you using. I am using nav 2004, and everything seems to be working fine. I will keep a watch on it.

Did you turn off norton when you installed incd 4305. Sometimes nav turned on while a program is installing can cause the program to install incorrect


Using 2004 also.

Hadn’t thought to turn off Norton first will try that option later and let you know, thanx!



Tried to re-install update with Norton 2004 disabled, but no joy I’m afraid. I now think it’s a XP Pro Service Pack 2 conflict???

Nitemare :confused:

nitemare1566, are you running Spybot’s TeaTimer? When I first installed, I had TeaTimer running and even though I allowed it to make all the registry changes, my firewall, anti-virus, and several other things were disabled on startup. I killed TeaTimer, got everything working again and then installed without a problem.



No Tea Timer running, I’m afraid!!

Have sent an e-mail to Nero about this prob and will hopefully get some answers from them??



Problem sorted! :slight_smile:

Purchased Norton 2005 Antivirus today and then tried another install of InCD and thankfully all well this time?? :confused:

Anyway thanx to all you have contributed here :smiley:


My computer was acting strange since I did a fresh install with SP2. I had noticed that safe mode did not work. Now I have learned that it was InCD.
When I do a upgrade with the latest InCD lots of things disappear in the taskbar, such as:
ZoneAlarm, Avast Antivirus, Logitech iTouch and mouseware.

Someone else having such problems? Is it Nero or SP2???

I had same problems with the taskbar. Everytime system tray icons kept appearing and disappearing especially on reboot. I went to xp services and I disabled ssdp discovery service and universal plug and play service. Everything is perfect now. These services are only used if you have a home network. The universal plug and play is not the same as plug and play service listed above ssdp. Do not disable plug and play service just universal plug and play.

Again these 2 services are only used if you have a home network and you pluged other computers into your computer. This has to to do with xp sp2 because it changed some of the services defaults. These 2 services can interfere with a lot of things and they are a security risk.

Thanks for your info. But it has not solved my problems.
I had turned off universal plug and play but not the ssdp discovery service. So I dit turned both off and installed Incd again. And started up with the same problem with the taskbar.
But I noticed when I installed Incd all my Autorun programs (in Xteq Autorun - part 1) are cleared and only Incd resides in there.
So definitely something is clearing these registry settings when installing Nero burning rom and Incd.

Yes I’m having the same problem with things not showing up in the taskbar
after upgrading InCD to the only thing that shows up now is InCD. :confused: