New in this forum need help to copy ps2 games

hi to all i need help , what i need to create copys of ps2 games and what programs or chips to do this copys? if some one know it will be very helpful tanx
Post : i have the new ps2 the thin one tanx

This was posted in the Blank Media forum, and it was reported as a bad post by one user because of crossposting with this post, and presumably because the reporting user (chef) thinks that this request is illegal.

I have no idea whether copying of ps2 games are legal or illegal, and I’m not sure whether there’s a CD Freaks policy on this??

Please advice.

Making back-up copies of PS2 discs that you’ve bought is perfectly ok. A PS2 game is a program like any other and, as such, it’s legal to make a back-up copy in practically every country in the world.


Could someone with the proper rights in this forum please clean this thread, and move it back to the Blank Media forum?

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The best place for this type of info is