New improved Datawrite Red Version 3 out now

Have a look at this brief review. The burns were done at various speeds (4,6 and 8x) using the Pioneer 107. The scans look promising for such cheap discs. ( At least for 107 owners anyway)

Correct link:

The reviewer used kprobe at max speed, 1 ECC. :frowning:

It doesn’t look that great to me.

Cheers for pointing that out. Misleading review by all accounts.
I wish everyone scanned at the default speeds

These discs have the same leadin code as the v2

Which means? I’ve had datawrite red v2 with INFOSMART01, AN35 and AN31 codes…

Still crappy Hong Kong media - who knows how long they will last.

And this test was performed with one (pretty good) writer - should at least try the discs in 3-4 writers before saying they are good.

K-Probe scan is done with a DVD-ROM :Z at 1 ECC and at max speed…

For what it is worth, here is a scan of a version 2 I wrote at 8x in my 107.
scanned at 4 x8ec
they work ok for me, but don’t use them for best.