New idea for a software?

I dont know if it has already been done, but I didnt see anything about it, so I thought i’d ask on this board.

Is there any software that does like Daemon tools, but on the fly? It would make 1:1 copies kinda useless since the computer would be able to emulate the protection natively.

I dont know if everybody will follow what I mean… It would be kind of a hack of the drivers I guess.

Daemon tools is really good, but if I could have my normal drive fake the protections, all games would work fine without having to worry about 1:1 copies.

As I said, I dont know if its been talked about before or if its impossible… im just throwing an idea in.

Well, for now, you can put a image on the CD and emu it w/ Daemon Tools. yes, btw I liked ur idea :wink:

I guess that kind of software would be pretty illegal… not sure tho. It would only replicate what Daemon tool does but without having to backup the cd on the HD.

I think it would be an awesome program… instead of worrying about how to copy a protection, all we would need to do is emulate it. All readers would do the trick, and the writer wouldnt matter anymore…

Well, you can just put the image on the CD with Daemon Tools setup on it, then after you can then emu it with any CD drives… :wink:

You are a pretty lucky guy, even about half day this is posted here, it haven’t been moved… :slight_smile: I think you should post this at the software forum :o

woops my bad, I totally forgot I was in the CloneCD forum when I wrote this.

anyway, I know about daemon tool, but the point is that if you can make a program that can fake the protection on the fly, you can burn the cd without having to worry about the protection (what CDR you need, etc).

and DONT tell me about daemon tool again :slight_smile: I KNOW what it does, but its a pain to get the cd on the computer whenever I wanna play something, thats why im posting this :wink:

Well, if you use Daemon Tools :bigsmile: , you don’t need to worry about what CDR Media you are using… heh :wink:

yes, but you have to dump the cd on your HD… if you have 100 games, you might want to not do that :slight_smile:

I mean put the image on the CD, so it won’t junk up the HDD.
That way, you can play it on-the-fly (I think I’m calling it right :D)

ok, i’ve been confused with what u were asking forever, and it just got worse.

to put the cd in the drive like this, with the image on it, is full of problems.

  1. to be able to use the image like this, you’d have to burn it in data mode. most images wont fit like this.

  2. to burn in something other than data mode, i e raw mode, would be exactly what daemon is optimized for.

so, after all that, im just wondering what more you want daemon to do? maybe you should right click the daemon tray and see the emulation options available. if the one u try doesnt work, use fantom cd :smiley:

No no… daemon tools works just fine. I guess what im looking for is a protection emulator, but without daemon-tools.

when a game tries to read the protection on the cd (a real cdr, not an image) it automatically sees it as an original.

a protection emulator without daemon tools?

wickedsun - I think I understand what u want:

you mean you plug in a copyrighted cd, just copy it ignore protections, put the copy in, install the game and just play it while some misterious software is emulating whatever protection was on the original cd??? (and all this on the fly!!!)

This should be no judgement on the idea - I just tried to grasp what wickedsun was talking about.

I thought fantom cd did something similar to this??

Ok, let me get this straight. Isn’t a game’s protection unique to the cd? The protection is located in certain sectors of a cd. Doesn’t this vary with each CD? How exactly are you going to create a generic code to fit each game? One game might have protection in one sector but another game might have it in a different one, but both use the same type of protection. How then is it possible to create a generic code to emulate the protection? Correct me if I am wrong (and probably am).:confused: . Also if you scan for the protection on the original cd, then run the program during the game to emulate, doesnt this unnecessarily add complications to the whole thing? Using Daemon tools would be less of a hassle.

i’ve been wondering the same thing…having to use many different solutions on each cd to bypass the copy protection - or having daemon tools, the all in one solution.

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If Deamon-tool can emulate it, I dont see why some kind of driver could not fake a reply when asked something about protections (SecuROM, SafeDisc). Since Deamon-tool can emulate this, I think it would be douable to make a driver that does the same thing.