New idea but

Hi , to print cd cover rather then buy paper with right size and better quality then simple paper i had the idea to use the paper who are in the jewel case of blank cd-r ( the inner side , where it’s blank ) too print my cd cover , problem is that what ever i try i still have 1 or 2 millimeter blank on the border…

I use a HP 930C , i asked a friend of mine with another printer same problem , anobody know if there a way to print without this 1 or 2 millimeter blank on the border side ?


could you attach the inlay to a full-sized A4? I’ve done this with some labels I was having trouble with.

even if i test to print a cover on a top/border of a A4 page i still cannnot have it without this 1 or 2 milllimeter blank :frowning:

maybe a printer that does borderless photo printing like the I865