New hybrid-featured CDRecording software

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The guys of Ahead Software are getting a lot of publicity these days, 2 days ago we reported about Nero 5.5 now they come with software that has more features for burning Audio…

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Call me a pesimest but this sounds awful. I dont want my cdr software to be playing music over the internet. I’ll use something like winamp for that. I dont want it to encode my mp3’s for me because I already have something to do that. I don’t need it to do all kinds of lovely pretty music effects to the music because that’s what cool edit pro is for and specialises in. This sounds like it’s going to turn a great well made piece of software into a huge piece of bloatware that will “do everything” but do nothing well. I hope they still make a standard reliable version of nero as well.

^ I agree

NOOO! Nero is going EZCD’s path!

Keep it simple and kick ass! If I wanted Nero to be like EZCD, I would be using EZCD anyway.

I think NERO is doing a great job! With this U can do everything with it, but still with the quality as we know we’ll get from Ahead!
And not that crappy stuff EZCD delivers U!!!

I always was a great fan of Nero and still will B!


^ Dont talk shit.
EZCD sux ass. “Born2Burn”, I like that slogan.

SHOW ME CLONECD 3, That is all the I need.

Give them the benefit of the doubt, and don’t compare their stuff with EZCD upfront!!
(BTW how do U create those sunglasses RObby)

I dont dig these fancy things and i am happy with what i got! i dont need Nero to replace it all! they should keep to what they got and only improve if they have to!!! C’mon Nero I think u are doing great without the extras and u dont need those things to make your software greater because its gonna bring u guys down!!!

i dont care what u say…

ahead is a great company, a shining example of how the little guy (ahead) can beat the daft old git (adaptec)

(ps. how are those sunglasses done?)

well, I must agree with nila (fist reaction) they have a great bruning program, but, every company has its own specialization, espesially when we are talking about a rather “small” one. The combined features will never reach the quality that the other programs (that ARE specialized in them) offer (ex. winamp), it only will make it slower,complexer and more bugier and if it goes really wrong they will forget the reason wich created nero, and that would be a stable-good working burning program !!! so if they are going to do this awfull shit lets hope they will still bring good old nero like it is now and that they will bring the same (or even better quality !