!NEW HP420 Firm 1.28!




can you look into it?
Combine HP420 1.28 with HP520 2.21 :bow:



Pretty cool!
Newest writing strategies (and media support) plus bitsetting!
How to extract the .bin from the .exe?
Seems encrypted…
Anybody owns the HP (and/or its software)?
Please give me the .bin!
I think the Dangerous Brothers will have it on their site soon… :slight_smile:


DOS binary, made RPC1, 2100@2500 and Riplock removed:


Nothing is encrypted at all. Just run the program and when you get an error message you just need to have a look at your temp-directory and its subdirectories :wink:
Just search for d420n_128.bin


By default the stuff should be extracted here: C:\Program Files\HP DVD\Umbrella

The Flash tool is interesting. A potential candidate for modification to support flashing NEC drives in Windows. IDK how I haven’t seen it before…


that would be nice too be able to flash in windows as all my drives are on my raid so i cant flash um in dos ? ive opened the prog in the dos prompt in windows but not sure what ternary or quaternary controllers are ? i know my drive isnt master or slave as there me hardrives , o well just hav to wait for a windows version



I tried to flash the new firmware but got the error “file size mismatch” the new firmware is 2 bytes bigger than the old one, ant ideas ???


Is this firmware Double Layer capable?


Just remove the last 2 Bytes from this firmware. That should work

No. For Double Layer we need the HP520 firmware which is unfortunately not updated yet :frowning:


Thank you, Herrie, for the .bin! :slight_smile:

Aahhh! Thank you! One has to be attentive… :wink:


i cant flash herries bin!
i dont find the “~” in dos!




Use the ASCII table. ~ is ALT+126
You can rename the file or you can even reduce the name in the 8+3 format.


how can i reduce the filename?
i open winhex but i cant read anything!


@dangerous brothers
please can you make a bin that will be easy to flash?(without this f#cking ~)
i want to install this firm but no chance!!

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did you see herrie already has it above?


to flash herries firm in dos mode i need the “~”!!
i cant find this icon in dos mode!


What are you talking about??:confused:
The BIN file in Herries package is named d420n_128.bin
There is no ‘tilde’ sign anywhere…
DOS utility commands are listed HERE


d420n_128.bin is th eWindows name!
the dos name is d420n_~1.bin


No no no!
DOS is truncating the filename for display purposes only! (dir)
The filename remains d420n_128.bin
Flash using this filename and I assure you it will work!