New HP DVD840e Writer

I recently received the above DVD burner, the HP DVD840e Super Multi DVD Writer with LightScribe. I have already successfully burned a movie to disc, so I know that the device works. The problem is the time. The movie took nearly 4 hours to burn, and the project I am in the middle of now is taking at least that long. I feel this cannot be right. I first connected my USB plug to the port at the front of my CPU tower, however a bubble popped up saying that the device would work faster if connected to one of the ports in the back. I switched the connection to one of these back ports before burning the movie and I am still burning at that slow of a rate. Any suggestions on why this would be?

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Your PC appears to have the old USB 1.1 (up to 11 Mb/sec) ports only. For successful DVD burning you need a USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mb/sec) connection. If you don’t have a newer PC to connect to for burning, you can probably fit a USB 2.0 PCI add-on card into your existing one. Here’s an example:

I checked out my Device Manager and it appears I am hooked up to a USB 2.0 actually. Is there anything else that could be hindering the process?

When you expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers” in Device Manager, do you see the word “Enhanced”?


Not sure what is causing this then. You’re clearly burning with USB 1.1 speed (which will cause buffer underruns and result in bad burn quality). It could be a driver issue. You should preferably use generic Windows XP+SP2 drivers. Do you have any custom USB drivers installed? Does your mainboard support page list any driver downloads in this respect?

I’m not using any custom USB drivers that I’m aware of. I have 4 plugs in the back and two in the front and have tried using all of them, yet remain at the slow speed. Which page should I be checking for driver downloads?