New HP Disc Manufacturer?



I have been using HP-branded CD-R (48X) for the last couple of years for creating my music collection. These were readily available at local retailers, and were supposedly manufactured by Mitsui - reputed to be a top-quality manufacturer.

Recently, though, I learned that Mitsui had sold their disc manufacturing to an Italian firm a couple of years ago. Then I noticed that the HP packaging says “Made in Taiwan.” By searching the internet, I found that the new HP-branded 52X discs are made by Cybernetic Generator & Behavior Corp in Taiwan. I wonder if this is where my hundreds of 48X discs were made also.

Can anyone tell me where HP has its discs made, and whether they are of high quality? I have not had any significant problems with them, but I worry that they may have switched from a top-end supplier to a low-cost supplier.

(Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I tried a forum search and did not find a discussion of this issue.)


I always thought they used CMC…

Oh well, why don’t you grab a CDR Identifier and tell us?


Two problems with that:

CD Identifier doesn’t read the ATIP when using my existing burner. I’m going to try another burner later today.

I read somewhere that the ATIP contains info on where the original glass master was made, rather than the disc blank itself.

I get more confused the further I dig.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. I will try to read the ATIP tonight using another burner.


Well, as far as I know, that and looking for specific features on the bottom of a CD are the only ways to tell.

Like, all the Mitsui I’ve used are a nice, deep blue and have a rather large serial number in the inner ring, CMC is usually light green with a break in the lighter green part close to the center (hard to describe), Ritek are green and have a serial number starting with R in the inner ring in a sans-serif font, Prodisc are similar but a serif font, etc etc.


Tried running CDR Identifier on my Windows 2000 machine with Plextor ripper and Lite-On burner. As soon as I run CDR Identifier, the system reboots. I guess there’s some ASPI layer problem (or some other thing I don’t understand). That shows that I truly am a Newbie.

So I checked the inscription on the hub of my HP discs. It is:
CD-R 80 CPLHM3250 0214

The CPLHM evidently identifies this as a CMC disc.
That’s not good news to me.
I’ve burned over a hundred of these HP/CMC discs to create my music archive. People in these forums don’t think the CMCs are very good for archiving, due to longevity problems.

So I guess I should switch to Taiyo Yuden. As a Newbie, I don’t know where/how to buy these. It looks like all the TYs use the same dye, but have different reflective layers. Which do I choose? Then there are versions for printing with different printers. I’m probably not even going to write on them, so what difference does that make???

And will I get the same quality if I buy Fujifilm/TY, instead of straight TY??



Maxell’s CD-R PRO line and some Fujifilm are TY’s… Look for a nice “Made In Japan” somewhere on the spindle/box before buying. Verbatim DataLifePlus are also a great option.